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Why Curb Appeal Matters

First impressions are everything. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Before this little "front porch fixer upper," our home's first impression was not so good.

From the time we first looked at the house, I knew I wanted this area changed. It didn't fit my style of landscaping and overall, it looked like a mess. Fast forward a month later when we moved in and our movers dodged the bushes and thorns for the duration of their load-in. For me, that was the final straw.

The pathway leading to our front door was a jungle of unkept knock-out rose bushes that the previous owners let get out of hand. They were 5 feet tall in places and a totally tangled mess. It was hard to walk along the path without snagging your clothing on the bushes or getting a nasty thorn in your leg. Below is a wonderful BEFORE photo that I snapped when we moved in on May 12th, 2017.

To start the process, I sat and planned out step-by-step how I wanted this demolition to go down. JUST KIDDING....I grabbed a pair of clippers and started cutting every branch in sight. 

It sounds way easier than it was, trust me. I ended the day with cuts from my head to my toes. The worst part, honestly, was dealing with the brush from the rose bushes AFTER they were cut down. Per Austin regulations, we were required to cut them a certain length and then tie them together with twine before putting them out on the curb for pick-up. 

After getting most of the las cut back, it came time for Eddie's portion of the project: digging up the roots. Because these had been planted since the house was built, the roots were a tangled deep mess. Eddie used both the chainsaw and many hours with a shovel trying to get everything removed. 

Once that was complete, I was able to hop back into the mix and start planning/planting. Below I listed the plants we added to our new front flowerbeds. 

- Japanese Boxwood: evergreen shrub, tolerant of summer heat, plant in sun/partial shade, medium/large in size, water once per week. 

- Croton: outstanding in color, plant in sun, water 2-3 times per week until rooted. 

Below is what it looked like about a year ago. Sadly, some of the plants didn't make it in the Texas sunlight/super weird cold front we had last winter. We ended up adding a few new types of shrubs instead. (see bottom photo for updated look!)

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Our Top Podcast Picks

Eddie and I are both HUGE podcast junkies. Nothing excites me more than putting in my AirPods and pressing play on one of my favorite podcasts. I've recently had a few conversations with people about the ones I choose to listen to and decided it was past-due for a blog post about the topic. Eddie and I have shared a few of our favorite podcasts below and what we like about each one of them. We truly believe this list will serve you well and anyone can relate to AT LEAST one of these.

Note: click the titles of the podcasts below to be redirected to iTunes!  

Morgan's Picks:
RISE Together Podcast
- In the past few months I've grown to love Rachel Hollis (author of Girl Wash Your Har) and her brand. This podcast follows her and her business partner husband while they do life together. If you are looking for something that is not only going to inspire you to grow your businesses but also develop more meaningful relationships along the way, this podcast is for you. 

The Goal Digger Podcast
- If I'm having a hard day as a business owner and entrepreneur, this is the podcast I throw on. Step-by-step guides and how-to's allow me the opportunity to generate ideas for growth in our own business. I also do well hearing about the mistakes you make a long the way and how those mistakes make you a better business woman and this podcast lays it all out on the line. Buckle up and start writing out those goal lists. 

And The Writer Is.....
- I love this because I love everything "behind the scenes" and also have mad love for music, artists, and songwriters. This song dives into the songwriter category and features the brains behind the songs. Featuring people like Nick Jonas, busbee, and Rhett Akins, it's a great listen for anyone who has any interest in the music industry no matter the genre of your liking.  

Eddie's Picks:
The Modern MakerThree totally different guys talk about making things. Mike, Ben, and Chris are each very successful makers that have grown their businesses using social media. I love to hear their takes on how they grow their business as well as new things they are building.

The Art of Manliness
There is something about the way my dad and my grandparents grew up that I love. I think that this world is missing some of those core values as everything continues to speed up. This blog helps me think about the way that a man, and a true gentleman should act. Respect and core values are something that seems lost today. Let’s bring them back.

Texas Music Pickers
I am really digging what Chris is doing here. If you are a young musician coming up. This is a cool podcast to get another useful opinion. I really like how he blends interview episodes with things going on in the business episodes. The idea here is that you just take Chris’s info and educate yourself about the business a little more.

Podcasts We Both Love:
How I Built This:
- This is a great podcast for business owners. As individuals who have a growing business, this provides not only hope, but inspiration for future growth. Seeing how companies like Southwest, The Knot, Kate Spade, Lyft, etc. grew and succeeded from little to nothing, is super inspiring. I mean you have to admit, knowing that Kate Spade packed hundreds of thousands of orders in her New York apartment is very motivating. 

Why I Donated 75% of My Closet

Those who know me best are probably gasping for air right now after reading the title of this blog post. Guess what homies, it's true. The majority of my closet is now sitting in the hands of a resale shop down the street. Five years ago....I mean ever 5 months ago....I would've chopped my right arm off before letting go of that many items but today, I feel better than ever to get them out of our house. 

Photo By: Hannah Haston

A few months ago I found myself starting a new job that I truthfully thought would be my dream opportunity. I worked my butt off to get this kind of job and for whatever reason, it just started to feel so so wrong. I hated myself. I'd never been able to say that before, but I could now with ease. I lost my organization, my creative energy was non-existent, and most importantly, my self-confidence was lacking. I slowly realized I was caring more and more about what others thought and less and less about my own opinions. I was conforming to people and a work environment that made me miserable. 

Photo by: Hannah Haston

I know what you're thinking, what does this have to do with donating all her clothes? I'm getting there, I promise. Every week was a new photoshoot or event or something that required a certain "branded attire" if you will. Let me explain....think "everything needs to be neutral and blend in with your surroundings so you don't stand out." Yep, neutral. Not "allowed" to stand out. It was heartbreaking to feel like I had to fit in this cookie cutter mold.

So, after saying peace out to that job (!!!!!) and learning to love myself again, I decided I would focus on what I (YES ME. I GET TO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS AGAIN) wanted to wear. I cut back to the basics. A few pairs of jeans and shorts, a handful of "dressy" tops (think Banana Republic solid blouses), and my collection of vintage/band/business tees. I realized that was all I needed and that I felt most like "me" when wearing those few pieces on repeat. 

Photo By: Hannah Haston
Now you ask, how long will this last? Well, I'm pretty set on fall/winter clothes so hopefully forever. I'm sure there will be times I pick up a pair of jeans or a new vintage tee but for the most part, I'm completely happy with what I'm working with. 

And from this point on, the most "dressed up" you'll see me is when I decide to throw on a pair of brightly colored earrings with my ripped up t-shirt because now, I can wear what I want.