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Our Love Story

Today we share with you our "love story." People always ask how we met, how we fell in love, at what point I decided to move to Texas, etc. Today, you get all the details told by both of us!

As Told By Morgan:

The last few months of 2014 are a bit of a blur. I was neck deep in interviews and reviews for my former music blog, The Tennessee Life, and was trying to grow my brand as quickly and organically as possible. I had many concerts on the books to attend before the holidays and was looking to schedule as many interviews as possible at those specific concerts. I ended up getting in touch with Eddie via a mutual friend in hopes of setting up an interview with one of his clients for a December concert in Knoxville. 

December 5, 2014: Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville, TN
If you would've told me then that I was about to meet my future husband, I would've laughed in your face. (also going out on a limb and betting Eddie has the same answer here.) I was not looking for anything serious and I've been told he wasn't either....but God had other plans and well, here we are!

I ended up not landing an interview, but what I got in the end was much better. Before I left that night, I found Eddie, introduced myself, shook his hand, and walked away. A few minutes later I got a DM on Twitter: "Thanks for sayin hey. See if I can find ya after?" Bet ya can't guess what happened next....I didn't respond. Luckily, he was persistent. 

Fast forward three months and he reached out again. This time I gave him the attention he deserved. Sidenote: We never stopped talking after this day. We've talked every single day since. We continued a long distance 'thing' for a few months before he finally visited my hometown during the summer of 2015. We had out first date at Texas Roadhouse. He will make sure to note that I ate chicken tenders and applesauce and I'll be sure to make note that he didn't tell me at the time just how much he hated Texas Roadhouse. He kissed me goodnight in my driveway and drove back to his hotel. The next morning he picked me up and we started our day at Cracker Barrel. To this day, it's still one of our favorite places to go together. We spent the rest of the day together and ended it by seeing a show at The Shed. From that point on, it was official. 

The next time we were able to be together was in September for his birthday in Nashville. I had already planned a trip for fall break to travel to Texas but something about that day with him changed everything for me. I remember saying something: "I'm afraid when I come visit you in a few weeks that I won't want to leave." To this he said: "Then don't."

His response is what sent our love story into overdrive. I changed my flights, purchased a one-way ticket to Austin, packed a duffle bag and a carry-on, and left less than a month from that day to move to Texas with the man of my dreams. During my time as a Texas gal, we've gone from a one-bedroom apartment downtown to the cutest little house you've ever seen, we adopted the love our life Loretta, we launched a new blog, have a growing business, got engaged in front of the church where we are members, and fell more and more in love along the way. 

It's been nearly 4 years now and I'm more in love with Eddie K than that day in Nashville. I always tell people that was the day I knew he was the one. I fell deeply in love very quickly and I have zero regrets. Recently Eddie said, "There is no other explanation for you being here right now other than the fact that God chose you for me and me for you." Nothing explains our story more than this statement. 

As Told By Eddie:

They say that you shouldn’t go looking for love..that love finds you when it is time.  That statement couldn’t be more true.  I had a few relationships come and go in my life but when I met Morgan Hill Sellers I immediately knew something was different. 

Some time back my friend, Kait,  randomly sent me a link to a blog through my twitter DM. This blog was called The Tennessee Life. Kait said that I should consider reading this blog because they had some awesome blogs about music that she thought I would enjoy.  She also said that she kind of knew the person that ran the blog and she was a sweet soul with a great taste in music.  Little did I know that sweet soul would be my fiancé and future wife. 

Naturally I read a few of the blogs and really enjoyed the content and loved how it was written.  Fast forward several months and Kait introduced Morgan and I and it started what would be a crazy few years.  

Morgan and I ended up chatting through Twitter (because why not this day and age) a few times off and on which lead to us meeting out in Knoxville one night. We briefly said hello and chatted over some loud music and a screaming crowd.  The meeting was brief and a normal exchange of hellos.  As I moved on to the next city we DM’d our “good to meet you’s” and "have a good nights." 

A few months later I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and this picture caught my eye. It was this fun, carefree, amazing soul that I was immediately drawn to....again.  Morgan and I exchanged numbers and began to text back and forth before we ended up meeting up in her hometown of Maryville.  We spent two days together and it was amazing.  It was a bit of a stressful time in my life so I was running around like crazy and she still saw something in me. 

A few months later Morgan and I kept in touch and out of the blue something told me I should invite her to move to Texas and live with me. Part of me thought it would be cool to “try” and part of me new this would be the woman I would marry.....

Here we are 4 years later and I couldn’t be more excited to call her my soulmate and wife.

Amazon Shopping List For Campers

Our last camping post was so successful that we are back again with another addition. Today we are sharing all the goodies for you campers from one of our favorite places to shop...AMAZON! Seriously, this Amazon gift guide will be a life saver!

Here's A Bit About Some of Our Favorite Amazon Finds:
(keep scrolling to the bottom for the full shopping list)

USB Heated Blanket: This was a LIFE SAVER for those chilly/windy night!

Boss Pet Tie Out: Bringing your pet with you camping? If so, you'll need this guy! Comes in different colors and lengths so you're sure to find the right one for ya!

EcoFlow RIVER: Thankful to have this little 11 pound guy with us on our trip. We were able to charge our phones, drone, and power our lights for nighttime campfire hangs. It's a bit of a splurge, but it's worth it!

Insect Repellent Bracelet: I mean this are a MUST when it comes to camping and these work great!

Shop our entire list HERE. 

*This blog post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase some of the items on our list, we will receive a small percentage of sales.**

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Eddie and I decided we couldn't label ourselves "good bloggers" if we didn't post some sort of gift guide for the holidays. So...we did it and without tooting our own horns and adding all Whiskey Boat Goods items to our lists! But for real, candles soaps, apothecary, hats. The options are endless so check us out!

For the guide, we pulled together a small list of items we are dying for/already own and love in hopes you'll find something for everyone on your list this year! It's a mixture of girly things, manly things, cozy things, things for your pups, things for your home, splurges, and great deals!

 Don't forget to click the names of each item to SHOP

A collection of all things MEN! Tools, garage things, and handy items every dude needs!
1. Wall Control: It is an investment but the versatility is amazing.  Wall Control can hold a ton of weight and there are a lot of different "accessories" available to fit your wall storage needs.
2. Ryobi Light: Once again versatility.  The light has many different on/off options, and can sit on a desk and used as a writers light, hung above your head while you work on a car, or just placed in a room for all around great lighting.  
3. EcoFlow River: POWER!  500W total output and you can charge up to 8 devices at one time.  This isn't your standard power bank.  You can run a refrigerator off of this thing!
4. Packbands Bundle: Packbands are a new take on an old idea.  They are silicone storage bands that come in different sizes.  We use these on everything from wrapping extension chords up to storing rugs when we aren't using them.  I have even seen people use them in the kitchen to close their chip bags up.  A lower price point gift that is extra thoughtful.  

If it's pretty, comfy, cozy, or timeless, it's on this list! What lady in your life doesn't need these items?
1. Fjällräven Backpack: It's a splurge in the backpack world and a bit on the trendy/hipster side but it's something that any girl would be lucky to own. I've been wanting this backpack for MONTHS!
2. Tribe Kelley Cruze Sweats: I mean what screams "netflix and chill" more than these guys? NOTHING. Plus, it's winter...give me all the sweats!
3. Ember Coffee Mug: Does your lady constantly re-heat her coffee or tea? Here's the answer to all her woes then! Again, pricey, but worth it! 
4. Giles & Brother Railroad Tie Bracelet: I have one of these and wear it every single day! I've been thinking about adding this dainty rose gold beauty to my stack!

1. Apple AirPods: We both own these and use them daily! They are easily one of our favorite items this holiday season. AND they are only $159!

The squeakiest and most snackable things for the pups on your list! Shh. Nobody tell Loretta!
1. Hearth & Hand Toy: If you are a lover of Chip and Joanna, aren't your dogs too? The classic toys from their Target line are a perfect fit for your home and your pup. Hey, at least if they leave them laying around it'll look nice right?
2. Pawbo: Who doesn't want to shoot treats out for their pups when they are away? And what pup wouldn't love it. SPLURGE ITEM but it's so fun!

*Still didn't find what you were looking for? Candles make great gifts! Hint hint:*