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Atlas46 Fenton Flannel Review

I am a big fan of the print pattern on this Atlas46 Fenton Flannel. It kept me warm and protected during the few chilly days we had in Texas this winter and is now keeping my arms safe while working in the shop.  This isn’t your big box store, paper thin, fashion flannel. It's thick! If you're thinking this makes it hard to work in...IT DOESN'T! It's super soft and a completely relaxed fit. 

It is made of heavy duty 9 oz fabric which is the thickest flannel material out there. This thing has some deep pockets as well so you can carry all of your essentials. Along with two pen slots on the left shoulder, this flannel will help you get it done while you’re out in the shop. ⁣

Three words to describe this flannel?
 Function, durability, warmth and comfort.


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Morgan's May Faves + Birthday Splurge

It's May which means two things...SPRING IS HERE and it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! I turn 27 in a few weeks and I am browsing the internet hard for something to buy myself for my birthday. I know, it sounds lame, but it's something I've always done for myself and will continue to do for myself. Whether it's $20 or $200, I juts like to pick something out for myself and enjoy it in honor of turning one year older. 

While in the process of scouring the internet, I found a collection of items that are just TOO GOOD not to share with y'all! So....

Spoiler Alert...I already know what I'm getting myself this year and it's on the list below! I purchased my Louis Vuitton Speedy about 2 years ago and carried it maybe 5 times total. It just wasn't very practical and I knew almost immediately I should have gotten something more sleek to carry as a crossbody. SO...I just sold my Speedy on Poshmark and am using the money to buy my new favorite bag listed below + the little lemon scarf (Amazon find!) to use this summer! 

...say hello to Morgan's May Faves!


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

May is for all the mothers out there...yep, I'm even talking about you dog mama! TREAT THAT SPECIAL LADY IN YOUR LIFE.....BETTER YET, TREAT YOURSELF! 

Below is a little list of items any mom would LOVE to have! Click the links to shop for you mom, grandma, yourself, etc! Whether your budget is $10 or $300, there's something on this list for you! After all, it's not about the amount you spend, it's the thought that counts. Now, who's thinking about a pair of AirPods or a handmade cutting board??


All About Our Arlo Cameras

You've been asking and it's finally here! Below is our guide to a smarter + safer home with Arlo! We've covered every topic you can imagine and have given our complete review that is 100% our opinion. This is not a sponsored post! We've given you both the pros and the cons, the rest is up to you!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for shoppable links. You can receive your new cameras in two days thanks to Amazon Prime
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When we moved from our downtown apartment to our house a bit further off the grid two years ago we knew we wanted to add some sort of security system to our home. It was really for peace-of-mind to be honest. There's just something so comforting about having protection plus everyone should feel safe in their own home right?  We have them on every corner of our home both inside and outside and always feel like we know exactly what's going on around our property. 

They are sleek and pretty much go unnoticed by guests in our house unless we point them out. They are small and compact so they don't stick out from the wall very far and fit into even the smallest of corners. The best part? Because they are battery powered, no ugly cords! Additionally, Arlo has launched skins (linked below) to change the color of the base making them fit into and around your home a little easier.

There's TWO Arlo cameras in this shot. You tell us how easy they are for you to notice if you're not looking for them. Also note how high they are. Someone would need a ladder to reach them!

For some this will be a pro; for others, this will be a con. For us, it was both. We love that we have the ability to move these with us when we eventually buy/build another home. BUT, if you live in a high-traffic area and have cameras, the batteries aren't going to last very long. We ended up wiring our outside cameras (running them to power outlets) so we weren't changing batteries every week. Our inside camera batteries last months because there isn't as much traffic on them. With that being said, we don't mind breaking out the ladder once in awhile to change all the inside batteries. If you are looking to change zero batteries, you will either need to place them somewhere near a plug, run your cords behind the wall, or look for a company that will completely wire everything in for you.

Here's a video of Eddie changing the battery (after about 2 months of use) on our front porch. It's such a QUICK + EASY process!

It's easy to install and easy to navigate also. When you open the app all of your cameras are ready to be watched live in an order you've selected for easy navigation. At the bottom of the app you will also see "Library" which is where your videos will be stored for viewing at a later time. Depending if you are in the free plan or paid plan, these will last a different amount of time. For us, we have a 3o day viewing history window for all cameras. We fall into the Arlo Smart Premier Plan but know this is not necessary! More on monthly/yearly pricing below. Next you'll see "Mode." This is where you can manually change your cameras back and forth from AWAY to HOME or you can set a geofencing schedule to automatically turn the system to away mode when you leave the property. This is the mode we have been running since we got them. Not going to lie, sometimes it doesn't work as well as we'd like but it's easy to hop over and change it to the correct mode. 

*Important Note: You can also access the Arlo platform on the web. It's just as user-friendly but the app wins in the convenience category. *
This is going to vary based on what generation/model of cameras you purchase. We ALWAYS recommend going with the newest and best option because technology is always changing and getting better. We started with the Arlo Pro and loved them. The quality of the photos/videos were great...then we upgraded when we decided to add additional cameras to our property. The Arlo Pro 2 is even better than the previous version and now, they have the new Arlo Ultra which I can only imagine is incredible. You can see some of our favorite videos we've captured to date. Get ready to laugh! 

First of all, these cameras aren't cheap but Eddie did lots of research and we landed on Arlo because we would have the ability to pay for storage ONLY IF WE DECIDED TO get more than the allotted amount of cameras. If you fall in the free category you receive 100% free cloud storage for 7 days. SO, that meant only the upfront cost of the cameras! It was a win/win in our book. We fall in the Arlo Smart Premier Plan and opted to pay a one time yearly fee for a discounted rate. If you choose to pay monthly, the pricing is listed below with details on what is provided in each plan. So, CON: pricey. PRO: could be a one-time purchase versus a constant monthly bill where you are just "leasing" your cameras. REMEMBER, you can take these with you if you move!

Arlo also sales additional add-on products like a baby-monitor, security lights, doorbell, and mobile camera. You can also find products on other websites that say "compatible with Arlo." We tried a solar panel and unfortunately it just wasn't strong enough to power the cameras so we highly recommend ordering Arlo authorized products only. 



Spring Nails Trends

I'm not a beauty blogger and I don't try to be! BUT....I am a lover of cute nails and frequent my favorite local spot Pure Nails to have my girl April hook me up with some of the cutest nail art around. While I love "branching out," I don't stray far from my neutral lifestyle and try to stick with something small, timeless, simple, but fun. Below I've shared some of my favorite spring nail trends in my fave "minimalistic" category. 

1. NEW NEUTRAL: Think outside the white, cream, tan box and go for light peach tones, darker camel, or a mauve/grey look! 

2. PASTEL POP: Those fun bright colors are apart of the Spring trend FOR SURE. These are the colors that make you think of sun dresses and beach trips. It’s time to break out those colors that are bright and fun!

Personal Fave: A nice pop of blue! Nothing screams Spring like a clear sunny sky so why not have your nails the same color?

3. MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Minimalism is the new trend in every day life, so apply it to your spring 2019 nail trend. Add simple dots to a naked nail and you have a style that is simple and elegant. 

4. NUDE...with a pop: Applying the same minimalist ideals and add an accent to your nude colored nails. It doesn’t have to be a separate color, but put a spring themed pattern on for this spring 2019 nail trend.

Tip: Jazz up your simple design by making it opp with one of those bright pastel colors we talked about above. Below is my favorite spring mani so far featuring a bright (BUT TINY) highlighter yellow design!

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Our Proposal Story + DIY Engagement Ring Box

April 12th is a special day in our's the day we decided to spend forever together (officially). It's our first "proposal anniversary" and we are feeling all the feels and decided to share a little glimpse at this day last year. We are sharing never before seen photos and a video of Eddie K making the ring box he used to hold my engagement ring. 

So come on....relive this day with us! 

How It All Came Together
Eddie and I had been talking about family photos with Loretta for a few weeks prior and I finally decided to reach out to my friend Hannah, the most amazing photographer, whom I met at my past job. She was free on the 12th of April to shoot "family photos" at our church so that's what we decided to book. Little did I know, Eddie would message her shortly after and tell her his real plan. So yes, in a weird way, I planned my own proposal! Ha! 

The Ring/Ring Box
At this point Eddie had already contacted Ali at Everett to design my engagement ring. Shoutout to my friend Kristina for helping point him in the right direction but major credit to my hubby and Ali for creating the ring of my DREAMSSSSS. Seriously, I still die over it.

Eddie told me later that he knew before he even got the ring that he wanted to create a little ring box for the proposal....and he did. And it was so thoughtful and sweet and kind and romantic and just all the things. He also thought far enough ahead and surprised me with the video below that he recorded during the process. WHAT A KEEPER. WOW. 

The Family Photo Shoot
Such a blur, but what a magical few hours it was. Eddie had met up with Hannah earlier in the day (without me knowing) and she arrived at the church early to hide the ring and get everything ready. We started out taking photos in the wildflowers around the chapel with Loretta and then transitioned into he and I under the peak of the church. That's when he got down on one knee, said the sweetest words you've ever heard, and waited for me to say 'yes'. I said "wait right now?" at least three times and then screamed yes. I proceeded to cry and blah blah blah. 

We then transitioned into an "engagement shoot" which Eddie arranged following the proposal. Fellas, take note. This is what you should do!

Some Never Before Seen Pics From The Day


Songs We Currently Have On Repeat: April 2019

Keep scrolling for the full Spotify playlist:

Morgan's List:
1. Pretty Shiny Things - Kasi Ashton
2. Ridin' Roads - Dustin Lynch
3. Jesus and Jack Daniels - Justin Moore
4. La Di Da - Lennon Stella
5. 7 rings - Ariana Grande
6. Eastside - benny blanco, Halsey, + Khalid

Eddie's List:
1.  Homemade - Jake Owen
2. Be Alright - Dean Lewis
3. What’s It To You - Clay Walker
4. Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls