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Quick + Easy Chicken Salad

My name is Morgan.
I like sunshine, shoes, and snacks. really, I'm a compulsive snacker. 
If you, too, are also a compulsive snacker, then you've found the right blog. Before moving to Texas, I never ever. But since moving, I've found my way around the kitchen and have learned to actually enjoy cooking. 

Today, I share with you my first (of many) recipes on D+G. 
Here's What You'll Need:
- mixing bowl + spoon
- chicken breasts
- grapes
- celery
- pecans (or nuts of choice)
- mayo
- celery seed
- pepper
- salt
** grab some bread or tortillas at the store for a complete lunch/dinner **

STEP 1: Boil your chicken breasts (two breasts = 4-5 servings)
STEP 2: Begin by cutting up the celery, grapes, and pecans. Adjust the amounts you cut up to match how much chicken you boil. 

STEP 3: Add all the cut up ingredients to a bowl with salt and pepper for taste. 

STEP 4: Remove chicken from stove and cut into small chunks. Add to mixture.

STEP 5: Add in the chicken and the mayo. Adjust the mayo to your liking. Because we aren't crazy big mayo lovers, I start with about a 1/4 of a cup and go from there. 

STEP 6: Stir all together and place in the refrigerator for about an hour. 

STEP 7: EAT! Try this chicken salad as a snack, as the perfect light lunch, or for a summer dinner on the porch. You can pair this mixture with crackers, wheat thins, bread, tortillas, etc. The options are endless.