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I'm a college graduate with a degree (i'm not using) in Elementary Education, former merchandise coordinator, candle shop co-founder, dog mom, wife, stay-at-home mommy, and blogger. I spent my first 23 years of life in a teeny-tiny Tennessee town until I fell head over heels for the cutest Texas boy you've ever seen. A few months later and I was packing up and moving 1,500 miles to be by his side. 

As for blogging, I started my journey in 2011 as the face behind The Tennessee Life. TL started as a way for me to remember my thoughts and lesson plans while attending college for elementary education. From there, it went from school ideas to fashion and then transferred into me sharing my outfits that I wore while attending country music festivals. 

About a year into the making of The Tennessee Life, everything flipped upside down. I stopped writing about everything EXCEPT music. I worked with artists on the verge of success, reviewed many shows, songs, and videos, and even found myself in a face-to-face interview with the one and only, Mr. Garth Brooks. I eventually went back to part-time lifestyle blogging and recently transitioned into what is today, our joint blog, known as, Whiskey Boat Bungalow. 

I’m a small town kid from South East, Texas. Shortly after graduating high school I relocated to central Texas to attend college and developed a passion for music.  I have been in the music business full-time in some form of management capacity since 2005. Today I'm the Executive Vice President and Head of Touring & Sponsorships at Why & How. 

My mom is a dreamer and always wanted to have various things around the house.  Growing up, lower middle class, if she wanted it then my Dad made it.  That has always been my mindset.  I would spend summers with my grandparents and took to woodworking after spending hours in the shop with my grandfather each day.  

As a way to pass the time on our days off, Morgan and I started making things that we wanted to use around our house.  We came to find that other people shared our vision and commissioned us to create things for them.  During this process, I rekindled my passion for tools and the work involved with creating.  

We got engaged right under the chapel bell at our church in April 2018. We married in a super small and intimate downtown Austin ceremony a few months later in December 2018

At home, we are owned by a carefree+energetic little girl-dog. She was the best post-Christmas gift we could've ever asked for. She's a mix-breed/"shelter special" who even has her own instagram and hashtag: #LorettaThePointer. She's the root of most of our favorite memories and we couldn't imagine our lives without her. Also important to note her love of squirrels...because well, the girls loves (or hates) squirrels.

 We had our first baby in October 2023 and moved into our new home outside of Austin two months later. We are so excited to take on the new role of parents and cannot wait to raise our sweet baby in our new home in Bastrop, Texas!

This blog is an extension of my life as a new mom, wife, Texas girlie (but Go Vols!), and homemaker. Here you will get a closer look into our lives as well as tips, tricks, and tools.