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What's In Our Outdoor Bag?

Bogg bags are not new, but they are new to me. LOL

It's truly funny the things you learn and want once you become a parent. I started noticing that when Jennings and I would go outside, it would be a battle to try and get everything I needed: sun hat, bug spray, sunscreen, playmat, etc. SO, I decided to splurge on an Amazon version of a Bogg bag. While a "knock-off, it was still a bit of a splurge at $60. I did manage to choose a color that was on sale randomly for $52 which helped a bit. 

I saw the authentic Bogg brand bags at Academy [these will run you closer to $120] and the Amazon version is literally the exact same. 10/10 on quality, color, and size. 

I'll share links to everything below, but here's the bag link [CLICK HERE] because it's too good to wait to share. 

Okay, now to the fun part....what's inside. 

I shared a "What's In Jennings's Concert Bag" post a few months back and it was one of everyone's faves, so I'm hoping this post will be useful as well. 

We are heading to the lake this weekend and I wanted to share all the things I'm packing + some items that are must-haves for outdoors/summer with kiddos!

Here's What's  In The Bag:
all items linked below

- Bogg Bag Dupe [Size XL ; Pink]
- Zip Bag to separate smaller items
- Sunscreen
- Bug Spray
- First Aid Kit [working on a separate post about our at home + travel kits]
- Stroller Fan
- Sun Hat
- Striped Towel
- Pop-Up Tent

Specific For Beach or Lake:
- Swim Diaper [going with a reusable option]
- Swimsuit
- Mesh Bags for Wet Swimsuits

Snacks + Drinks:
- Snack Bin
- Stainless Straw Cup

Shop Our Outdoor Bag:

Finally Planting The Garden!

Friday, after a battle with food poisoning or a virus from hell, we managed to get started on planting the garden. We thought we might have a bit of trouble finding some veggies and herbs just because we are a bit late into the planting season [although her in Texas in our hardiness zone we usually can get 2 plant cycles] BUT, we managed to find a lot of the items we wanted to try for year number one. 

We went to a local nursery, Grandma's House Garden Nursery, in Smithville. The owners were so nice and have a HUGE selection of well, EVERYTHING. 

Here's a few shots from our time at the nursery. For all you mamas, take your babies. They will love it. I wore Jennings in the Artipoppe and it was super fun. This was one of her first times facing forward too, which she obviously was a fan of. 

Next stop was Home Depot for soil.We knew we wanted to use a very specific, and highly recommend, organic garden soil. Also, because we are using raised beds, those require a different type also. 

We ended up getting 100 bags and used 85 of them. Ideally, we could've bought soil in bulk but based on the location of our beds and the fact that it's just Eddie and I (plus a baby which instantly changes things), we just paid a bit more and got bags. While easy to handle, it was absolutely a long and hard day. BUT, we managed to get everything in the ground so, that's a win!

I'll share a first look at our garden beds and our layout for planting!


J's Summer Bookshelf

Summer is right around the corner....officially's felt like summer for weeks here in Texas. Gonna be a breezy 96 degrees today. BRB, melting. Soooo, it felt like the right time to swap J's books out and add a little summer, pool, bees, ocean, crabs, etc to the mix!


This bookshelf brings her room so much joy. All the bright blues and yellows really add a pop of color. We can't wait to read all about water and summer animals. 

Here's a few more shots. Keep scrolling to shop all our books!


Garden Project with Vego Garden [sponsored]

We shared a fun little update a few weeks ago and previewed working with Vego Garden for the upcoming season but it's been a minute since I shared new photos and progress.

To be honest, we were super sick last week and we [Eddie] just now got everything put together and in place. It took a bit of time to build the beds [we have 6!] plus he had to fill them with cardboard, limbs, leaves, etc. BUT, he did and this weekend we hope to get started with the raised bed soil and irrigation. 

Before we do though, I want to share progress on what the layout looks like and a few ideas we have for what to grow.

We decided to put all six beds in the area off our side porches where we originally planned for a garden. The beds ended up taking a lot of the area but we ultimately decided it was the best layout as well as functionality. We had irrigation ran to the area a few weeks back so it made the most sense to just figure out a way to have them all in that area. 

I talked a bit about the brand we partnered with in the previous post but I want to take a moment a list out the items we were gifted for the space. They are better than we even imagined and we can't wait to get growing in them and trust that they will be around for many, many seasons. 

Here's What's In Our Garden:

[again, these were 100% gifted to us by Vego Garden BUT my opinion is entirely my own!]

Shop The Site Here:

A Few More Photos Around The Garden:


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Salmon Quinoa Bowls

As a mom, I've learned that dinner time can be really simple or really difficult. There's truly no in between. For us, we have a really good system and rarely run into issues at dinner time. 

When pregnant, and since 2020, we were getting weekly meal boxes from Everyplate. While we did enjoy it, we grew tired of the recipes after 3 years and wanted to add in some dishes to our rotation that we could have leftovers of and eat several times. Additionally, we wanted to add in more clean ingredients and different protein and grain options. 

Anyway, we are a few months into cooking our own recipes and truly loving it. 

Tonight's meal was one we really, really enjoyed and one we will definitely make again. 
Additionally, if you are in the midst of baby-led weaning, I'll share a picture of J's plate at the end. 

Salmon Quinoa Bowls

- salmon, quinoa (tri-colored), lemon, green beans, avocado, sesame seeds, chili oil

How To Assemble:
[ I baked salmon, seasoned with lemon juice, avocado oil, and dill on sheet pan for 10 minutes at 425 degrees ; added green beans and cooked for 10 more minutes]

Top 1/2 cup quinoa with salmon, green beans, and slices of avocado. Drizzle chili oil [linked here on amazon!] on top of salmon and sprinkle with sesame seeds for added crunch. Serve extra lemon wedges on the side for squeezing on top of salmon.

If you don't like chili oil, sriracha would be another great option!

oh, and for you BLW moms....


You could also serve avocado or quinoa with this meal. We also ended up giving her a strawberry too.

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Mother's Day Bookshelf [thanks Eddie!]

 Eddie surprised me with the cutest and most thoughtful Mother's Day gift...

a bookshelf full of mama books for J and I to read!

Seriously, what a cool and unique gift that he knew I would love. 

I'll share a few photos, my IG reel, and some links to all the books below!