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Updated Toy Shelf: 8 Months Old


 I do this every week (sometimes less and sometimes more depending on how much we’ve played with the toys) to keep fresh “new” toys in rotation for Jennings to play with. It’s been a great way for her to show new interest in toys she’s forgotten about. Some toys stay week over week and others only rotate in every couple months. 

Here’s what’s in this week’s batch of toys! 🧸 
Also, fellow moms, do you rotate toys for your kiddos?

- Montessori Wooden Spinning Wheel 
Amazon find for under $20 and our most played with toy since J was 2 months old!

- Montessori Wooden Ball Drop
Another Montesorri Amazon find! This one is $13 and a bit advanced but still a favorite. We haven't quite mastered putting the balls back in, but we love taking them out and rolling them. 

- Montessori Shape Sorter
This one is for a much older baby but we are adapting it to her current skill level at 8 months old. Instead of expecting her to sort the shapes, we just say the shape name and color when she pulls them out of the box. This is helping her pincher grasp as well! Amazon find and comes with two other toys usually in our rotation. 

- Books: One For Me To Read Her and One Interactive
These are two we read and play with a lot. The "Where's The ______" collection of books is Jennings approved. She loves lifting the felt to reveal the items. 

- Montessori Bendable Animals:
These are brand new to our rotation and already a favorite. We use them to work on animal sounds and just for playing. I try to choose actions words to repeat when we are playing. So for example: Have the animal (lion) roar. Make the animals sound and say "roar". Have the lion jump. Say "jump" and then show it again. These are pricey but I see them sticking around for many years and I do plan to order another batch. Right now she is playing with the Safari Collection. 

- Wooden Toaster:
Another one that's a bit older. It comes with a lot of smaller pieces but right now we are only using the toaster and the two pieces of bread. She is learned cause-and-effect by pressing the lever and making the toast "POP!" 

Other things for our play area that "just make sense":
- Orange Playmat: We have two packs of these from Amazon. Great quality and inexpensive. 

- Montessori Shelf: An Etsy find that is so, so, so GOOD! Just know shipping takes a couple weeks. 

- Fabric Baskets: These are from H&M and I'm so glad we have them. I'm starting to think about her playroom and I do plan to order a few more of these for in there. 

- Name Pennant: We constantly spell her name throughout the day and she's started dancing when we do. Just a fun way to incorporate learning into playtime! can see THIS POST from 6 months and shop all her favorite toys from then. Most are still in rotation now!