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9 Months of Our Girl!

 9 months of Jennings being the light of our lives. ✨ This month felt like it flew by and she grew up SO MUCH. Eddie and I find ourselves saying how big she is alllllll the time. Our days are loud, happy, and never still around here and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Month 9 In Highlights:
- Standing up a lotttttt more. Sometimes for a bit without holding onto things which is so cool and equally terrifying. 
- Learned to blow bubbles in her water. 🫧 
- Waves heyyyyy now 👋🏻 
- Continues to eat and love all the food she tries and is slowly starting to drink/want less bottles which is wow, how are we already here. 🥛 
- Loves a dance party and starts bouncing up and down when her favorite songs come on. 
And my current favorite trick? When we say “where’s your lion?” and we get roars. 🦁