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My Juice Cleanse Experience

You've seen them on Instagram or at a fancy juice bar, but did you know they are right in front of you at your local grocery store? That's right, you can complete a cleanse without having to sell a kidney to pay for them or drive out of the way on a daily basis to buy your juices. Simply look for "Suja Juice" the next time you are at your favorite grocery store.

I picked up my two days worth of cleanses from Sprouts in Austin, Texas. The juices were clearly labeled (step 1, step 2, step 3, etc) and were sold at the reasonable price of $3.50 each.

STEP 1: Daybreak Probiotic
If you can get past the taste, you'll love this juice. When I say it tastes like fruit covered with chili powder I'm NOT KIDDING. It's a little weird at first but I honestly liked it. I have always been a fan of food that gives my taste buds a little kick. THIS, did just that. My advice is to skip this one if you don't like spicy/flavorful juices.

After this drink, I felt awake but also really hungry. I thought the kick of cayenne in it would help minimize my appetite but I was wrong. All I wanted was a cheeseburger....instead, I opened drink #2 and prepped a salad with grilled chicken and black beans. 

STEP 2: Noon Greens
JUICE TWO! I was super excited for this one! 1-I LOVE green juices ; 2-Juice number two came with food. I drank this juice while eating my salad and was less than impressed. I definently didn't hate it but it also wasn't the best green drink I've ever had. The sweetness in this drink came off as artificial. I could tell it was coming from the apples but still, not my favorite.

STEP 3: Twilight Protein
THE FINAL STEP! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! YUCK! BARF! No really, I almost lost it when I tried this drink. It honestly one of the most disgusting juices I've ever tasted. I drank it (because I wanted to finish this journey) but I wouldn't drink it again.

The next day....
I felt the same....except hungry....REALLY hungry....

My advice? Eat a little less for a few days and save yourself the torture of enduring the "Twilight Protein" drink. GROSS.