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vintage feels

To me, clothing is a form of self-expression. There are little pieces of who you are in every outfit you put on. 

This outfit speaks volumes as to who I am: classic, simple, a tiny-bit-edgy, and a lover of all things vintage. 

I'm fairly certain I was supposed to be born into a different generation. Everyone constantly tells me I act a lot older than I am. (I mean doesn't every 24 year old like to stay home and make candles in their free time?) 

Anyway, this outfit is "me to the t." This skirt is a fun burnt orange color and is something you would've definitely seen being worn in the 70s. It has two pockets in the front and an exposed zipper in the back. These details add to the flare of the shirt but also creates a more flattering look. The pockets are higher up on the skirt which draws the eye away from the thigh area and up to the thinest part of your body creating legs for dayssssssss.

The top I'm wearing is Nixon Asked Cash from STRUT. It's my current favorite item in my closet. It's right on trend with the built in choker neckline and cutout in the chest area. Because it's black, it's super versatile and classic!

I threw on a pair of black Seychelles booties to complete the look.

Welcome back to the 70s ladies. Up next, bell bottoms and concert tees. YESSSSSSSS.

Links To Buy:  Top+Skirt: Nixon Asked Cash from STRUT, booties: Seychelles)