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granny chic

"granny chic"

Yeah, I said it and I'll say it again...

"granny chic"

It's a trend that took fashion week by storm and I'm here to tell you how lucky we are that it did. 
Full of structured pieces mixed with loads of comfort, this trend takes polished silhouettes and luxurious finishes to give that "straight out of your granny's closet" feel. It's a far stretch from the youthful/lollipop look we've grown accustomed to over the past few years. We are trading in our sunflower dresses and red lipstick for cropped pants, embroidered tops, and kitten heels. 

Forget the tight dresses and Elastic waistbands just like your granny. Eat that ice cream girl, your pants will stretch. 

Staple Pieces To Complete Your "granny chic" Look:
1. Socks with heels
2. Structured crop pants 
3. Elastic waistbands
4. Dark colored florals
5. Mixing prints
6. Oversized coats+trenches
7. 70's style sunnies

Structured Pants: STRUT $65 • Embroidered Top: STRUT $59 • Shoes: STRUT $39