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Better Cocktails, Better Life.

They believe in better cocktails.....I believe in that also.

I recently started working with Austin Cocktails and I must say, they really do take a lot of pride in their products. From day one all I heard was "our drinks are all natural" and they truly are "just better." Well, I tried them out for myself and I must say....they are pretty darn good. 

Like the city that inspired their company, their drinks are unique, organic/all natural, and authentic. They contain herbs like mint and basil, fresh juices, and organic agave nectar for a sweeter but more well rounded taste. 

Because they are pour and serve drinks, the process of formulating something entirely on your own is out of the picture BUT that makes this as simple as can possibly be. 

I simply sliced up some grapefruit, took some mint off my plant, and grabbed a fun stripped straw. Seriously, isn't this the easiest/cutest drink you've ever seen and I literally didn't do anything but pour Ruby Red Cocktail over ice and garnish!

One final tip: Add a splash of Topo Chico to your drink if you think it's a bit too sweet. I think it was the perfect addition!

More about the drink:
Fred's Ruby Red Cocktail
5X Distilled Vodka + Natural Grapefruit + Natural Lime + Natural Mint + Organic Agave Nectar

Fred’s Ruby Red is an ode to our Grandpa Fred--a down-to-earth farmer with a contagious, effervescent charm.  It was our Grandpa Fred who instilled the inviolable family tradition of “cocktail time” on every summer evening at 5:30.  Kids got Shirley Temples and adults got something a little stiffer.   Though we couldn’t appreciate his hard-won wisdom for decades to come, Fred was teaching us that amidst most moments in life, we can and need to make time for a little joy and connection.  Cocktail time would inspire our love of cocktails and, just as equally, the moments they create.

We took Grandpa Fred’s appreciation for the bounties of the land and set out to craft a cocktail that showcases the finest and brightest ingredients. The mixture of luscious, aromatic, red grapefruit, juicy lime, and crisp mint creates a bold cocktail tamed only by a light touch of organic agave.  It is a perfect nod to our grandfather who had the brightest personality and quietest wisdom.  To Grandpa Fred, the good things in life weren’t things, they were moments.

*This was a sponsored partnership with Austin Cocktails. While the products were free, my opinions were not swayed.*