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FA LA LA Living Room Tour

It's no secret that decorating our home is one of my favorite hobbies. With that being said, it's no surprise that I've already loaded up every inch of our house with holiday decor. Don't shame me just yet though, it's not all red and green with presents under the tree just yet. It's neutral, cozy, and everything I want to see when I come home in the afternoons. 

So without further ado, say hello to our fa-la-la living room. 
(ps....can't believe this is the first time y'all are seeing our living room at Beechnut Bungalow. Truthfully, the lighting isn't all that wonderful in here so it's not an easy task to photograph it. But, the stars aligned and here it is in all its glory.)

When I first moved to Austin and into Eddie K's apartment, it was very much a bachelor pad filled with only a few pieces of furniture. The living room consisted of the "Hamilton Sofa", two "Lucas Wire Base Chairs", and the "Marble Box Frame Coffee Table", all from West Elm and linked at the end of the post. His style was definitely more modern, simple, and sleek. I actually didn't love the pieces much at all until we moved into the house and we were able to mix it up a bit with a much bigger space and open floor plan. My motto? Add some blankets and pillows and before you know it, the coldest spaces/pieces will be cozy and comfortable. 

Tip: Add an area rug to your space to create a more complete and cozy room. The one in our living room was a Target clearance special for $10 (regularly $199).

To get this space ready for holiday decor, I grabbed a ton of throw pillows, snuggly blankets, and fresh greenery to go along with the flocked tree I picked up from Walmart. Yes, I said Walmart, It's a 6' foot tall artificial tree that's covered in the prettiest "fake" snow you've ever seen. It's hard to believe it was only $30. (Sidenote: this tree sales out every year. not your local Walmart and grab one now!)

While the tree hasn't been decorated with ornaments, it is up and providing all the cozy vibes even in it's nude state. Below the tree you also won't find a frilly tree skirt or red + green presents. Even though they are the colors of Christmas and cheesy ornaments and wrapping is totally normal, we decided to stay true to our farmhouse style and draped a canvas drop-cloth from Harbor Freight around the bottom for a classically simple tree skirt. I must say, there's something very relaxing and peaceful to have trees without a plethora of ornaments and actually looks very pretty without the fluff. 

I finished up the space with some greenery, table accents, and wall decor. I am in love with eucalyptus and buy it every single time I see it at Trader Joes. I placed it in a Rae Dunn POUR pitcher from TJ Maxx, and layered on the table with the Lonesome Dove photo book, Whiskey Boat Goods candles, and a galvanized container from Michaels. 

Behind the sofa are a pair of floating industrial-style shelves that my super handy boyfriend made for us. (Seriously, he's so handy. Follow him on Instagram HERE to see more stuff he's annoyingly good at.) On the shelves there's a collection of random items I've picked up here-and-there since moving to Austin. Notable mentions: customized leather sheet music that I got Eddie K for our anniversary, terra-cotta planter Eddie K brought home from the UK, railroad ties we found from the tracks behind our neighborhood, and a hand-printed canvas "AUSTIN" flag from our friends at Wild Standard.  While pricey, the quality is incredible, and it truly is a statement piece. Well worth the investment.