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My Word For 2018: Engage

Engage (VERB): participate or become involved in; establish a meaningful contact or connection with; pledge or enter into a contract to do something
synonyms:participate in, take part in, become involved in, go in for, partake in/of, share in, play a part/role in.

Engage. My word for 2018. 

This won't be like a normal resolution that gets left behind a few weeks into the new year. This will be different. It's a promise I'm making myself to be more engaged in everything I  do throughout the next 12 months.

I first became aware of my need to be more mindful of my surroundings during our trip to Belize last year. Truly taking everything in and knowing I had ZERO ability to communicate with others via phone/social media was such an unforeseen blessing in disguise. During that trip I was 100% focused on the company I had around me, the environment I was in, and the overall experience. Now, I'm ready to take that week long trip and make it my life for the next year.

What it means?

To me, to engage means to connect. I'm ready to connect whole-heartedly with every detail that appears in my life this year. I'm ready to be aware of my surroundings (i.e.. no phones at the dinner table, less aimless scrolling of social media, knowing more of the analytics behind our growing small business, reading the news daily, and keeping a journal full of highlights throughout this coming year. Small things really, nothing crazy dramatic. Just a lot of little pieces to a very big prearranged puzzle that will help me absorb everything that I  just might have missed in 2017.

I'm ready to sign on, sign up, execute, facilitate, and take on all that 2018 has to offer by "engaged" every step of the way.

What's your one word for 2018?