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Atlas46 Gear: Forge SlickSide Pants Review

Atlas46 has been my go-to brand for shop clothes/tool belts for awhile now. If you follow me on social media or stay up to date on blog posts, this will not come as a surprise. 

Today we are talking about my new favorite pants: the Forge SlickSide Pants. (click to shop)

What I Like About The Pants:
Can be worn in the shop but just as easier be transitioned into office attire.  I have added these Atlas 46 to my wardrobe and and have pretty much worn them every day.  I love the SlickSide pants because they are durable enough to wear in the shop and still fit my casual work environment.They are a great addition the wardrobe because they are built extremely well.  They are reinforced where they need to be without sacrificing comfort. The additional features of the pants are just a solid plus that make these and every day wear for me.

Cool Things To Note:
- Belt loops are 1 inch wide which provides extra stability
- Large enough loops for large belts (talked about my Atlas46 Belt System HERE)
- Deep pockets with designated cell phone pocket
- Special tape measure pocket
- Handcrafted in the USA
Compatible with the AIMS system which I love because you don’t have to put a full on tool belt or vest on if you are going to work on a smaller project.

Why These Are Perfect For Woodworkers:
Are you a woodworker or someone who spends a lot of time in a workshop? If so, these will be your new best friend. Because they are compatible with all the other Atlas46 products, you can create and build your perfect setup. Comfort, durability, and productivity make these better than any other "work pants" you'll find on the market. 

See my Atlas46 Items in Use: