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New Sconce From Lamps Plus feat Magic Light Trick

Ever wanted to put a light somewhere but not interested in wiring it up, unsightly cords, or the overall hassle? If this sounds like you, you've stumbled into the right corner of the internet. We are showing you just how to bring this idea to life....but in a much easier fashion!

We just received a pair of the Possini Euro Capetown sconces from Lamps Plus. (no longer available for purchase) and knew we wanted one of them to go above the shutter in our living room that we hang polaroids on. It's the perfect "missing piece", if you will, for that little nook!

See that little gold sconce in the right-hand corner of the photo below? It's a light but minus all the wires! How you ask? Well, taking a page from Nesting With Grace's creative book, we were able to use the "magic light trick" to create this little area on a budget and without the nightmare of cutting out drywall, running wires down the wall, and finding a plug within reach. 

All you need is a light/sconce of choice, a "puck light", batteries, and the package of screws/mounting needs that normal come with any new fixture. 

Step 1: Order some of the "magic lights" aka hockey puck lights. It's important to get the set with the remotes so that you can turn the lights on and off with ease. 

Step 2: Hang your light. Just follow the steps like you would if you were going to hang it like normal. The only difference, you'll need to tuck in the cord, cut the cord, or wrap it around the back of the fixture. It should be hidden since you won't be using the plug-in cord AT ALL for this trick. 

Step 3: Place the puck light (using a magnet, velcro, or sticky circles) where the bulb would normally go. 

Step 4: Turn them on and enjoy your new lighting that took less than 5 minutes from start-to-finish!

Tips: Since this isn't wired in, the light is a nice "soft glow" and does not project a ton of light. Remember this when selecting the area in your home!

To see more of the step-by-step process, check out the post below and then click over to Eddie K's profile to continue reading and following along. He posted the process over a period of 4 days!

@mhsellers tasked me with the magic puck light lamp hack on these @lampsplus lights. Honestly it is brilliant. It allows you to hang a lamp anywhere in your house without having to wire it up. Over the next few days I will go through the process with ya'll. Step one is to remove the existing wiring and electronics that might be in the way. I tried to be mindful of protecting the cosmetic features of the lamps. • • • • • #handmadegoods #austin #texas #shoplocal #home #makers #decor #diy #smallbusiness #americanmade #oldisnewagain #whiskeyboatgoodsshop #woodshop #woodshops #woodshoplife #localwoodshop #garagewoodshop #insidewoodshop #theunpluggedwoodshop #woodworking #dowoodworking #reclaimedwood #reclaimedwoodgoods #reclaimedwoodprojects #reclaimedwoodcrafts #design #interiordesign #lighting #homedecor #interior
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