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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Eddie and I decided we couldn't label ourselves "good bloggers" if we didn't post some sort of gift guide for the holidays. So...we did it and without tooting our own horns and adding all Whiskey Boat Goods items to our lists! But for real, candles soaps, apothecary, hats. The options are endless so check us out!

For the guide, we pulled together a small list of items we are dying for/already own and love in hopes you'll find something for everyone on your list this year! It's a mixture of girly things, manly things, cozy things, things for your pups, things for your home, splurges, and great deals!

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A collection of all things MEN! Tools, garage things, and handy items every dude needs!
1. Wall Control: It is an investment but the versatility is amazing.  Wall Control can hold a ton of weight and there are a lot of different "accessories" available to fit your wall storage needs.
2. Ryobi Light: Once again versatility.  The light has many different on/off options, and can sit on a desk and used as a writers light, hung above your head while you work on a car, or just placed in a room for all around great lighting.  
3. EcoFlow River: POWER!  500W total output and you can charge up to 8 devices at one time.  This isn't your standard power bank.  You can run a refrigerator off of this thing!
4. Packbands Bundle: Packbands are a new take on an old idea.  They are silicone storage bands that come in different sizes.  We use these on everything from wrapping extension chords up to storing rugs when we aren't using them.  I have even seen people use them in the kitchen to close their chip bags up.  A lower price point gift that is extra thoughtful.  

If it's pretty, comfy, cozy, or timeless, it's on this list! What lady in your life doesn't need these items?
1. Fjällräven Backpack: It's a splurge in the backpack world and a bit on the trendy/hipster side but it's something that any girl would be lucky to own. I've been wanting this backpack for MONTHS!
2. Tribe Kelley Cruze Sweats: I mean what screams "netflix and chill" more than these guys? NOTHING. Plus, it's winter...give me all the sweats!
3. Ember Coffee Mug: Does your lady constantly re-heat her coffee or tea? Here's the answer to all her woes then! Again, pricey, but worth it! 
4. Giles & Brother Railroad Tie Bracelet: I have one of these and wear it every single day! I've been thinking about adding this dainty rose gold beauty to my stack!

1. Apple AirPods: We both own these and use them daily! They are easily one of our favorite items this holiday season. AND they are only $159!

The squeakiest and most snackable things for the pups on your list! Shh. Nobody tell Loretta!
1. Hearth & Hand Toy: If you are a lover of Chip and Joanna, aren't your dogs too? The classic toys from their Target line are a perfect fit for your home and your pup. Hey, at least if they leave them laying around it'll look nice right?
2. Pawbo: Who doesn't want to shoot treats out for their pups when they are away? And what pup wouldn't love it. SPLURGE ITEM but it's so fun!

*Still didn't find what you were looking for? Candles make great gifts! Hint hint:*