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Best Ryobi 18V Tools

It's no secret that Ryobi is a huge part of our woodworking shop + small business production studio. We are constantly using the products and adding more to our collection so we thought it was a perfect excuse to share some of our favorites with y'all. 

All of these items have been tested by us for months and we truly will only share the ones we like the most. 

1. 18V Workbench LED Light: This has been a lifesaver and one of our MOST USED SHOP ITEMS! It puts off a ton of light and the battery setup lasts forever with this product. We love that you can adjust the settings and use the light bar at top and bottom separately or combine the two and have an extra lit up work space!

2. 18V Random Orbit Sander: We purchased this sander during a Black Friday sale in a pack with two other hand sanders in different shapes (18V Corner Cat Finish Sander + 18V Quarter Sheet Sander). This was by far the best one of the set. We use it a ton while working with reclaimed wood items we build for our small business, Whiskey Boat Goods. You are left with a smooth, swirl-free, result every time. 

3. 18V Dual Function Inflator: This item stays in our vehicle at all times! It's the best + easiest inflator out there. It has enough strength to air up large truck tires very quickly. The best part? You can set the pressure gage, press start, and sit back and wait. The inflator turns off when it has reached the selected pressure.

4. 18V Hybrid Fan: This item is so good we have TWO! It's the most used Ryobi item in the shop! These move a ton of air and last 6+ hours on high with the 6hr battery. They are lightweight and easy to store by their fold-down hook! For $39 bare tool you can't beat it!

5. 18V Power Caulk + Adhesive Gun: This is a tool we don't use on a regular basis, but still like. It's a great choice for caulking quickly and easily. One but of info....The only downside that exists with this gun is the fact that it is a little bulky on the back side. Other than that it is a solid purchase. I have already used it a ton around the house and it is consistent and gives you a lot more control on the amount of silicone that comes out.

6. 18V Wet / Dry Vacuum: This is another item we use A TON! The portability is what I love best about it. It is powerful enough for the shop but portable enough to use when we clean the car. ⁣

1. 18V Jet Fan Blower: This is an item that we decided not to purchase after comparing their model to other brands. For the price, you can find much better options with higher MPH air speeds. We went with the Kobalt version instead but there are several other options out there. 

2. 18V Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater: We cannot recommend this product at all. We've used it multiple times and it's honestly not worth the money we spent on it. The amount of heat generated is next to none and the overall throw distance is less than a foot. It's probably the one item we purchased that we feel is a complete waste of money.