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My Skincare Routine + How It's Changed My Skin

I've always been pretty self-conscious  about my skin. Growing up I had horrible acne. It was all over my chin and my forehead. My skin was so oily, I had to wash it three to four times a day. I went to a dermatologist every month for over four years. I tried all the topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, retinoid creams, peroxide washes, and even went down the Accutane route that consisted of monthly blood tests. On top of all this I tried Proactive, witch hazel, and all the vitamins in the world. 

Nothing truly helped my skin problems until I moved to Texas about five years ago. Maybe it was the release of stress, maybe it was the humidity, maybe it was just me getting older, but my skin started to clear up with only a touch of acne breakouts, discoloration, and some pretty horrible acne scarring. Still, all this was a blessing compared to what it had been like before. 
Also fun to note, I did a 360 and now I have incredible dry skin. CRAZY!

Over the last six months, I've started using Tula and have seen a huge shift how my skin looks AND feels. I've had very few breakouts, my acne scars and dark spots have become almost non-existent, and my overall skin has become brighter and healthier. I've learned about my skin-type, what works for me and what doesn't, what to lather on and what to avoid, and what to splurge on and what's okay to use from the drugstore. 



I apply one pump to damp skin. Cleanse with silicone brush (silicone won't hold bacteria!)
*Rinse With Warm Water + Dry Completely*
This is my favorite part of my routine. Apply two pumps to skin + neck. Allow to dry.
If I had to recommend one Tula product to try, it would be this one. Worth the splurge!
Goes on smooth + light. Works well under make-up. 
I personally will probably switch to the drugstore option below once this container runs out. I like it, but I prefer to splurge on my pm moisturizer and find something that's similar and less expensive for daytime.

Love this for a quick under-eye brighten. Has the softest blush undertone that makes your skin pop and look refreshed and "awake".
It’s expensive but it’s SO GOOD. I love how thick but smooth it is. I sometimes also use this in the morning if we are traveling or something and I want to add a little extra moisture!

This blurring & moisturizing primer instantly smooths the look of uneven skin tone & redness for a “filter” like finish. Probiotics & superfoods like licorice & chia seeds help balance & nourish skin. As you blend this buildable formula, it releases its special skin-blurring properties or "glow particles" that create the look of sun-kissed, radiant skin tone.
A broad spectrum sunscreen that provides daily SPF 30 plus protection from the damaging effects pollution & blue light—a must have for indoors & outdoors. Leaves a gorgeous glow that wears well under makeup or on its own. Non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores or leave a white cast. Powered by skincare-first ingredients like probiotics, pineapple & papaya. Non-greasy, smells good & is reef-safe. It’s not just sunscreen—it’s skincare.


This is a less expensive option that contains vitamin B. Works best for skin that isn't super dry. 
Lightweight and dries matte. Looks great under make-up and doesn't "peel" off during the day.
I use this after I apply my serums to increase absorption and improve blood circulation. Helps minimize pores, reduce fine lines, and stimulates collagen production. 
Listing several here that I love and use. I've purchased them on Amazon, on their website, and I've also stumbled upon a few at Marshalls from time to time. 
I never waiver from my vitamin c serum so that's the one I recommend most!



1. Use silicone to cleanse
2. Allow your skin to completely dry after both your toner and your serums. 
3. Wear SPF every single day whether you're going outside or not. 
4. Wipe any excess product on the backs of your hands.