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Splurge vs Save: Kitchen Faucets

When choosing plumbing fixtures, we opted to go a different route in the kitchen than we had originally chosen when we created our plans two years ago. We thought we would go with the more modern/sleek look and opt for matte black but over the course of the last two years, we've started to lean more on the traditional side. So, we decided to go with an unlacquered brass finish for everything in the kitchen. This is the only room with this finish simply because the cost increase is astonishing. 

Unlacquered brass is a "live" finish. This means you'll see patina as you use the items but will never corrode or rust. It's a very durable metal on its own without the clear coat of varnish you'll find in a typically "polished" brass or "aged" brass finish. 

After finalizing our selections (we chose the company DeVol for all our kitchen plumbing items), I decided to find some "saves" to get the look for less. You can find each item we chose (SPLURGE) and also a lookalike (SAVE) with a line-item "savings of" PLUS a "total savings of" at the bottom of the post. 

SAVE: Kingston Brass • $279.99

SAVINGS OF: $985.01

SPLURGE: DeVol (includes sprayer) • $1475

SAVE: Kingston Brass (includes sprayer) • $239


Beverage Faucet:
SPLURGE: DeVol (does not include hot water tap) $860

SAVE: Kingston Brass $54.40

SAVINGS OF: $805.60

Sink Drain:
SPLURGE: DeVol $125

SAVE: Kingston Brass $20.81

SAVINGS OF: $104.19

SPLURGE TOTAL ($3725.00) • SAVE TOTAL ($594.20)
TOTAL SAVINGS: $3, 130.80

Just for fun, here's a look at what our new faucets will look like.