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Baby Names We Aren't Using....

Baby names are hard.

Point blank. 


Before we share the list of names (boy and girl) that we liked but ended up not using, I'll offer some advice for soon to be parents trying to figure out where to start. 

For us, this is what helped us narrow down the search:

Create a notes document on your phone and invite your significant other to join it. Add in both gender names (if you don't know yet!) that you enjoy. Just a list of anything and everything. 

Once you've added names, this can be done quickly or over time, both people should pick an emoji. For us, a blue heart was Eddie's way of saying he liked a name and a white heart was my way. We both put hearts next to the names we liked and whatever names had both hearts moved on to the "next round." From there, we were able to choose. 

TIP: Also create a list of middle name options. The middle names for us kind of ruined a few of our top name options so it was nice to have those available to combine easily as well.  

Okay, here's our list straight from notes:

For us, we loved something more unique that also wasn't too far fetched. There was obviously names one of us liked but the other didn't. And for what it's worth, the name we DID end up choosing was one that I had to really sit with for a few weeks.

We can't wait to introduce you to baby _____ in October. 

We saved the best name for sure... 😉