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Family Photos - Part 3

Part three of family photos is here y'all! 

This blog is all about Eddie. I knew it was important to have photos of Eddie in his environment with J. This made the photos feel authentic and casual. We decided some shots in his office and some on the tailgate of his truck would be cool. 

PART THREE: Office + Truck Bed
The Place That's Most "Eddie": His Office

It's moody and cool and just a totally different vibe from anywhere else in our home. It was the perfect place to have a daddy/daughter moment. Of course Loretta had to join too. LOL

So many awesome pictures to choose from but here's a few faves. 
I can't help but love seeing J and her daddy in those big leather chairs. Also, fun fact, full circle moment having the Chase Rice record in the background. Eddie and I met through a friend of Chase and met for the first time at one of his shows. 
So, without him, there would be no her. 

The History: Eddie's Truck
Eddie has had this truck since he bought it new and it's now been a part of my life with him for almost 10 years. It was only fitting we threw the tailgate down and snapped some memories on it in front of our new home. 

PART FOUR: Morgan + J