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Starting Solids/What You Need

Jennings is almost 6 months old and we've been dabbling in baby-led weaning for about a month now. I spent over a month researching allllll the things about starting solids and what we would need to make the experience easy for her and also for us, as parents. 

Now that we have a few weeks of solids under our belt, I thought I would share the things we've been using and loving with J as she starts the journey to real food. 

As always, everything will be linked at the end of the post!


- Crinkle Wavy Chopper:
Cutting with this will allow a bit more texture to the fruit or vegetable and make it easier for baby to hold and grab. [Amazon ; $6]
- Mashing Bowl Kit:
I found this bowl VERY helpful especially in the first few days. I ALMOST bought a baby food maker (wowza at $300) and then decided it wasn't worth it. Some foods I'll serve mashed AND whole. This gives Jennings two options for the food. I'll use the bowl and masher a few times per week. If you don't want to spend the money on a baby food maker (really you'll only need one if you want purees) I suggest a blender or this mashing bowl. [Amazon ; $15]

- Moss and Fawn Milestone Fridge Magnets:
Okay, I love these. They were a bit pricey considering they just stick on your fridge, but now I think it was 110% worth it. We are able to track everything Jennings has tried and log whether she liked it, disliked, or had an allergy to. It's a great way to see what's been introduced while also tracking reactions along the way. [Amazon ; $20]


- Mighty Me Proactive Puffs (variety pack):
I ordered the variety pack and was easily able to introduce peanuts and pine nuts. I smashed them up and added them to whole milk/full fat yogurt. Such an easy AND SAFE way to begin! [Amazon ; $25+]
- Ready, Set, Food! Organic Baby Oatmeal:
This oatmeal is made with 9 top allergens: peanut, egg, milk, cashew, almond, walnut, sesame, soy & wheat. Because all of these items are in the oatmeal, it's very easy to introduce allergens PLUS keep re-introducing in the weeks after. Also, ORGANIC! Woohoo! [Amazon ; $5]

- Stokke Tripp Trapp:
We have really liked the Tripp Trapp so far. It's obviously an investment but one we decided was worth making. [Amazon ; $299 ON SALE!]
Pros: aesthetic, 90/90/90, easy to clean, can transition with baby as they grow, resale value is high (if interested)
Cons: price, each piece is purchased separately

- Tripp Trapp Tray:
This is an add-on you simply HAVE to have. So essentially just add the price on to the highchair lol [Amazon ; $69]

- Chair Cushion:
This is an add-on you might not have to have but I find it to be something I'd purchase again for sure. It's easy to wipe clean and has a lot of cushion for Jennings. PLUS, it's actually really cute. Since this lives in our kitchen, we wanted something that would also fit our style but ultimately be good quality. This cushion is BOTH. Shown here is the print "flower garden". [Amazon ; $40]

- Forged Feeder/ Fruit Feeder:
For reference, we are doing baby-led weaning for the most part. Occasionally we will use a forged feeder (giant pacifier with holes) for choking hazards and also when first starting out. It was a great way for Jennings to see other things have tastes. We started with blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and even ground beef. There's a million brands and different styles to choose from! [Amazon ; $16]
*note: mom friends suggested this style over a mesh feeder as those are impossible to clean and grow mold*

her first taste of something other than milk ;  blueberries

- Silicone Bowl/Plate: 
UPDATE: I found a bowl that works! This one actually sticks to the Tripp Trapp tray and has different sections. [Amazon ; $11]

To be honest, I don't love any of the bowls and plates we have. None of them seem to stick completely to the Tripp Trapp tray. I'm going to continue to do some research and order more options to try. In the meantime, this is our favorite. It sticks 85% of the time and right now, that works well enough for our almost 6 month old. [Amazon ; $17]

- Self-Feeding Spoons: 
A must. A love. A true gem. We started using these as "teethers" a few weeks before introducing foods. A mom-influencer on Instagram suggested it as a way to teach babies to take the spoon to their mouths before there was food on them and it was very helpful. We would just give her the spoons to play with/chew on while we would make our dinner or hang in the kitchen. By the time we decided to start solids, she already knew exactly what to do with them. [Amazon ; $14]

first time "using" her spoons ; full-fat plain yogurt

- Silicone Training Cup with Straw:
This cup can be used with or without the lid and straw to teach babies how to drink water. Using the straw, you can plug the small hole on the top of the lid and squeeze the water helping baby learn. Additionally, remove the lid and introduce open-cup drinking. [Amazon ; $15]

--People talk a lot about the honey bear bottle but I personally haven't used it. [Amazon ; $10]


- Ghee: this is our choice of concentrated fat to add to items like vegetables or grains. We also will use for cooking as well. [note, most ghee is made from cow's milk which could be an allergen for some]
- Coconut Oil: if we aren't using ghee, we are using coconut oil
- Hemp Seed/Coconut Shavings: this helps babies grip slippery foods such as fruits or avocados. Hemp seeds are also very iron-rich and full of nutrients. 
halved avocado rolled in hemp seeds ; served with mashed avocado


- Bibs: I know a lot of people talk about the silicone bibs or the plastic ones with full arms but we prefer the old fashioned cloth ones. They get close under her neck and can easily just be thrown in the washing machine. [Our Faves from Amazon ; $20 for 8]
- Fragrance Free Soap: Since our babies are eating off silicone bowls and plates and also using their hands, I suggest a fragrance free soap. We use Field & Future brand but any will do. 
- Infant Highchair Cushion: not necessary but Jennings seems to like it since she's on the smaller side. It does seem to help her fit a little better.  [Amazon ; $59]
- Infant probiotic: Also not necessary but we started J on an infant probiotic early on. She used to take it daily but not I usually do it 1-2 times per week. It helps keep her regular and going to the bathroom easily. [Amazon ; $20]
- Baby Benadryl (just in case): You never wanna be in the middle of an allergic reaction without some. Technically there isn't a "baby" Benadryl and it's not recommend for babies under the age of two BUTTTTT in an emergency, 110% it can be used. I know the amount/dosage but I won't share that here because obviously I'm not a doctor and will not share any info about health, wellness, etc. SO, ask your pediatrician, family doctor, or the internet. We keep some in syringes in the fridge already portioned out, just in case. 



we are a big fan of fruit ; eating dragonfruit here

strawberries and yogurt are always a win

"hello from my highchair"

banana pancakes + homemade applesauce

bell pepper + ground beef in the forged feeder

avocado spears are yummy!