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Garden Project with Vego Garden [sponsored]

We shared a fun little update a few weeks ago and previewed working with Vego Garden for the upcoming season but it's been a minute since I shared new photos and progress.

To be honest, we were super sick last week and we [Eddie] just now got everything put together and in place. It took a bit of time to build the beds [we have 6!] plus he had to fill them with cardboard, limbs, leaves, etc. BUT, he did and this weekend we hope to get started with the raised bed soil and irrigation. 

Before we do though, I want to share progress on what the layout looks like and a few ideas we have for what to grow.

We decided to put all six beds in the area off our side porches where we originally planned for a garden. The beds ended up taking a lot of the area but we ultimately decided it was the best layout as well as functionality. We had irrigation ran to the area a few weeks back so it made the most sense to just figure out a way to have them all in that area. 

I talked a bit about the brand we partnered with in the previous post but I want to take a moment a list out the items we were gifted for the space. They are better than we even imagined and we can't wait to get growing in them and trust that they will be around for many, many seasons. 

Here's What's In Our Garden:

[again, these were 100% gifted to us by Vego Garden BUT my opinion is entirely my own!]

Shop The Site Here:

A Few More Photos Around The Garden:


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