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Garden Update: A Few Weeks With Our Vego Beds

 We've had our beds up and going, or growing if you will, for a few weeks now and we wanted to share a few updated photos from the journey. As we've said before, we planted our garden very late so we've already seen a few things struggling. LOL. I mean it wouldn't be a first year garden without some plants dwindling away right? 

We've seen our blueberries struggle a lot. They require a very acidic soil and it's been very difficult to get the acidity up enough for them to thrive. We are hopefully they will come back around but eek, it's been touch and go, and still is, with them.

Additionally, we've had one tomato plant really not survive the transplant. So we replaced it with another one that is now thriving. We have two more that didn't quite look great once transplanted, but they haven't been replaced yet. Are we hopefully or crazy? Hard to say haha. 

Anyway, here's a few shots from around the garden!

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