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gold + shiny + pineapple DECOR

It might be winter everywhere else in the world, but here in Texas, it’s sunny and 75. Yep, it’s basically summer and I’m using it as an excuse to decorate with one of my favorite summer fruits: pineapples!

This pillow was an ETSY find and immediately captured my summer-lovin heart. I mean what says warm weather more than metallic gold pineapples? That’s right, nothing. 

"My Pillow Shoppe is redefining one of a kind pillows"
I have always been drawn to fabric and textures. My craft has evolved over the last few years by designing images and transferring them to fabric. I create pillows in dozens of patterns and colors , depending on the season. Mixing up glitter, flocking, metallic and color vinyl designs with burlap and indoor/outdoor fabric adds depth to my slipcovers and differentiates my goods from others. I am lucky to have my daughter, a graphic designer, assist me in staying on top of trends and help create designs. The best part is each pillow is placed at a reasonable price point that makes it easy to mix up your décor. Perfect for a chair, bed, or front porch, my pillows make a perfect gift- even if it’s just to yourself.
I’ve been given/purchased MANY throw pillows in my lifetime and I can honestly say, this one is one of my favorites. The pillow is full and the case fits tightly. The pillow overall is heavy but not in an annoying kind of way. 

Find this pillow plus MANY MORE here:

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