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An invitation of a lifetime.
"Ms. Morgan Hill Sellers, you are invited."
WHO: Garth Brooks
WHEN: Friday, May 29th, 3:00 PM
WHERE: Inside Pratt Pavilion at Thompson-Boling ArenaPlease park in G-10 parking garage. All media in place by: 2:45 PMMedia crew load-in time: 2:00 PMCrews: Need to supply own power
Please RSVP if you plan to attend, and include all crew names or at least the number, as well as if you are requesting a one on one interview. 

After a minor heart attack, I RSVP'ed, asked for a one-on-one, and waited patiently for a response. Within minutes, it was confirmed. I would be meeting AND interviewing a guy who's music I grew up on. 

The day rolled around. Friday was here.I grabbed my best friend and favorite photographer and off we went. Me to interview ; her to capture the moments.
Here is what Garth had to say: Ps…you'll notice that a lot of times Garth turned the table on me and made me feel like the one being interviewed.

GB: Okay, first off, what is up the way y'all are dressed!?!
Ha! Do you like it or no?
GB: "UM YES. It's fantastic. I just feel underdressed though I think!"
GB: "Okay so I was telling someone else earlier about my daughters. Y'all just reminded me of something. Our daughters had little things they could get at different ages. Like at 12 they got a cell phone but they couldn't make a call. The only two numbers in it was their mom, and myself, and Ms. Yearwood. When they got 14 they couldn't text still but they could take pictures. And it was so hard to find phones for the youngest one that didn't take pictures anymore. They had to stick to the rules. Then when they were 16 they could wear "hanging down" earrings. And then at 18 they got to get a Facebook AND they could got a tattoo. So the first child came in with a little heart like Taylor Swift has on her. Second child, same thing. Third child came in, 18th birthday, [full sleeve]. It's like really? I kinda went crazy. That's just a dad thing though. My daughter has like three or four, it's a story, on her arm. So, it's beautiful, but a little hard for dad."

What has this "comeback journey" been like for Garth?
GB: "You're scared to death if they don't show up, and you're scared to death if they do. It's been a good ride. It's been a good kind of scary. It's been a good kind of nervous. And it's been a good kind of dizzy."

Some people say you left right at the peak of your career. So why leave then? And why return now?
GB: "I raised my kids. That's what I did. Was I scared to death to leave? Sure. Um, here's the thing too, if I had left music to go do something that wasn't as fun or I didn't love as much, that would've been a sacrifice. But I left music, to go do something that puts music to shame. Being a parent, there's nothing greater than that."

So I get to see what this Garth experience is all about tonight for the first time…GB: "Well that's because you are baby…" 
Ha! Yes, I'm 23. But my parents saw you when you were here. 
GB: "Do you still have both of your parents? Did they have fun when they came?"
They had SO MUCH fun. And they've told me to go into tonight and love every second of it. I've heard nothing but good things.
GB: "Are you familiar with my music?" 
I am!

So I get to see you on stage tonight, but what is life like off stage for Garth?[looks down at his sweat shirt and jeans and laughs] GB: "Well, it looks just like this. I like to eat a lot. Trisha is a fantastic cook! In our place, if you had property, when I was a kid, it was because you inherited it or you were rich enough to have it. We didn't have either. So, to get your own farm…I've had my own farm now for 25 years. It's kinda where I spend my time. I just love doing that. I love my babies. Whenever they come out I put them to work because they are free labor! That's what I just love to do."

(Here's where the topic changed to time spent with the love of his life, Ms. Yearwood) 
GB: "There's people who believe that if you believe in reincarnation then you aren't a Christian. I'm not sure. I'm not sure what happened in the past. I just know that if their was a past, I found Ms. Yearwood in that past and if there's a future like that, I'll find her again. So I'm with the love of my life for a thousand lifetimes. So ANYTHING with her I enjoy doing. If you are gonna be with her, then she reads a lot of books. I usually just sit across from her and stare at her. Makes her a little uncomfortable. She also loves to binge watch her stuff like Grey's Anatomy." 

GB: "Ohh absolutely.  That's just what you kinda do when you hang out with her. And that's how I like to spend my time."

So I work with artists on the rise, I wanna know who your favorite new country artists are?
GB: "Hmm. On the rise is tough for me because I don't get to see that many people who aren't on the radio yet. Is that what you're talking about?"

It could be. Or possibly someone who's career is just beginning. Maybe just now on the radio or releasing their first few singles?
GB: "Ohh, that's tough. REALLY TOUGH. Cole Swindell is a cool kid. He's really nice. And uh, what's his faces boy. Um, his name…Thomas Rhett?
GB: "Rhett. Yeah. He's a sweet kid. He, Thomas Rhett, I was playing Vegas and he stood up and goes, 'I've got a question.' And I looked at him and went, 'Hey, do you know who you look exactly like?' before I even knew. He is the spitting image of his father. And, I don't know if you know this cause you're not old yet, but once you get old, everybody kinda freezes in time. So, I think his dad still looks like that, ya know? So I thought he was his dad when he stood up."
GB: "Also, There's a little girl who's touring with us: her name is Karyn Rochelle. Phenomenal writer. Phenomenal singer. And there's a kid named Mitch Rossell who is a hell of a songwriter." 

But rest assured,  just because Garth could see someone like Cole Swindell or Thomas Rhett making it big in Nashville doesn't mean he's looking to retire anytime soon. 

So, just how long does Mr. Brooks see himself doing this?
GB: "Touring? Well first off, that's up to God and the people, always. And then it's up to me. It's up to my wife…because I'm married. It's up to her. I hope her answer is 'till the day I die.' I really do. I sat on the sidelines for 15 years and watched it, and I never wanna sit on the sidelines again." 
There you have it, the legend known as: Garth Brooks.
"This tour and these crowds, yeah, they've put the 90's to shame."Here's to great music, GB's contagious energy, and many more world tours in the future. 
Thanks for the interview, Garth. And thanks for the memories. Morgan Hill Sellers