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New Movers Essentials

Moving alone, is a battle. It's physically AND emotionally draining. You have to pack, you have to organize, you have to downsize, and you have to say goodbyes. You say goodbye to your friends and family. You say goodbye to your childhood homes or first apartments. You say goodbye to your comfortable surroundings. But most importantly, you say goodbye to the stress of cleaning up after your move? Wait what? Yep, thats right! Walmart and P&G have teamed up to make the moving/cleaning process a whole lot easier. 

Let's start from the beginning....

The first part of moving is packing. If you all are anything like me, you probably have a lot of clothes. Before moving, I had at least 10 storage containers FULL of clothing I hadn't worn in years but simply couldn't part with. BUT, after deciding to move 1500 miles away from home, I decided I needed to downsize. Then started the process of deciding what items I actually NEEDED. I'm here to tell you, 98% of the store in the storage containers were not on my NEED LIST but occasionally I did find some hidden gems. Before packing, I threw ALL the clothing I was taking with me into the washing machine. Tide PODS ® made this task SUPER SIMPLE. You just open the washer, throw in your clothing, toss in a POD and that's it! Tide PODS ® are a 3-in-1 cleaning detergent. That's right, you get a detergent, stain remover, and brightener all in one compact cube. And because it is designed to dissolve at any temperature, you can use them on even your most delicate of washes. 

What's more satisfying than a clean floor? I'll answer that for you, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Seriously, my favorite thing in the whole world (besides my boyfriend, my dog, chicken fingers, get the point....) is having a spotless floor. Because we have a puppy, that becomes a much ore difficult task. Before unpacking, it's important to "pre-clean". Using the Swiffer ® WetJet Mop Starter Kit makes this a lot easier. The all-in-one mopping system traps and locks the particles on your floor. NO MORE PUSHING AROUND ALL THAT DIRT PEOPLE! Simply put on one of the cleaning pads, spray the button, and mop your floors until they are so shiny you can see yourself in them. Okay, that was a bit dramatic but still, the WetJet will have your floors spotless! What's better than moving into somewhere new knowing you could eat off the floors it's so clean. And let's face it, if you don't get your dining room table and chairs moved in, you might have to eat off the floors!

Once you're moved in, you start to work on getting everything setup and organized. Our apartment happens to be covered in cute decor and loads of trinkets all over the tables, walls, and counters. Having all these items helps to  make "a house a home", but it also means spending a lot of time dusting, wiping, and cleaning. We would not be able to survive without paper towels. Bounty Select-A-Size® is 2X as absorbent so you find yourself using less and less with every mess you clean up.

Toilet paper is a given. Seriously, who doesn't use toilet paper? Charmin ® Ultra Strong is ALWAYS on our shopping list and during the moving process, this was no different. Charmin® allows you to use a lot less product (up to 4X less!!) and you can save a lot of money too! Walmart offers a bonus pack which includes 24 double rolls. Seriously, you'll always need toilet paper and with a deal like this, who can say no to stocking up your bathroom closet from the beginning. What a way to get off on the right foot!

You can spray your sheets, your rugs, your towels, your bedspreads, your curtains, your furniture, etc. You can basically freshen up your whole home with Unstopables Air Refresher. With multiple different scents, your home can smell fresh, clean, and different with every use. I love the "fresh scent" which leaves everything smelling like it's just been washed! So go on...get your spray on people!

So if you've just moved, are looking to move, or simply need quality household cleaning products at a fantastic price, head over to Walmart and purchase the "New Home Clean Collection" today!