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Cajun Foil Packets

If you know anything about me, you know that cooking is a bit of a new journey for me. No really, when I moved to Texas in October, I barely knew how to use the microwave much less cook dinner for myself and my boyfriend. 

With a little practice and a lot of time in the kitchen, I've managed to learn how to cook some pretty incredible (yet simple!) dinners. Because I work everyday, I don't really want to come home and spend two hours cooking dinner. With that being said, I've learned some QUICK recipes that have become a weekly regular in our home. This recipe is one of the easiest I've found and it's honestly one of our favorites. The recipe makes 4 foil meals so you have dinner PLUS lunch the following day. It's the perfect recipe for anyone who does't want to spend a ton of time/money on a meal.

- aluminum foil
- sausage (1 link)
- shrimp (1 pound)
- small red potatoes
- corn (4)
- half stick of butter
- cajun seasoning
- olive oil

>>(pre-heat 400 degrees)<<
1. Start by tearing off 8 pieces of aluminum foil. This will make FOUR packets.
2. Build your foil packets (the order doesn't matter, this is just how I do it!)
- wash about 4 small potatoes and cut in half and place on foil.
- cut sausage into thin slices and place 4-6 pieces on foil.
- add 2/3 thawed/uncooked shrimp
- break corn cobs in half and add to foil
- sprinkle on about 2 tablespoons of cajun seasoning
- add a couple knobs of butter to top
3. Place a second piece of foil over the top and roll up the edges
4. Continue making packets until you have 4 completed.
5. Places the four packets on a metal pan and bake for 30-45minutes
(PS....clean-up is a breeze!!!!)

Still need help?? Follow along with this video and you'll get the same results!