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Subscription Review: BarkBox

If you follow me on ANY of my social media accounts, you know I'm OBSESSED with my dog. Loretta came into our life at a time where I needed her the most. I had moved 1,500 miles away from all family and friends and was quite honesty, really lonely when my boyfriend was away on business. So, on December 31st, we adopted my best friend: Loretta. She's cute....REALLY CUTE....and we spoil her like crazy. For the most part, she is on a grain-free diet and eats great quality dog food/treats. We try our best to only give her what we feel is healthiest.

With that being said, I'd heard about different subscription services for dogs (kinda like "Monthly Shave Club" for men or "BirchBox" for women). A few weeks ago I caved in and decided to sign Loretta up for BarkBox. I received one free month when signing up, so that means I got TWO MONTHS for less than $30. For me, that's a win! We spend more than $15 per month on treats alone PLUS the one's we would be receiving from BarkBox were grain-free and healthy for our sweet pup.

Depending on the time you order, you may have to wait longer, but we received the first box about 4 days after ordering. Curious if it's worth the money...? (keep reading)
Plush Carrot Toy: This supersized plush carrot dog toy will please your pooch without any of that messy peeling and dicing. Made custom for Bark & Co. by the folks at P.L.A.Y., the super-soft fabric is colored with AZO-free non-toxic dyes for worry-free playtime. And don’t stress about the mess; it’s machine washable and dryer friendly. Best of all, this groovy taproot is stuffed with eco-friendly PlanetFill ® filler, which is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. It’s the next best thing to composting real carrots!
American Hound Jerky Dog Treats: Gluten Free, great source of protein, and made in the USA
Health & Vitality Duck Treats: The newest member of the Green Bark Gummies pack. These delicious duck morsels are grain-free and powered by Omega-3 rich NutraCHIA. Great for pups of all sizes
Dog Treat Maze: It wobbles! It rocks! No, I'm not talking about aging rockstar Bret Michaels; I'm talkin' about the Dog Treat Maze! Designed by Mensa scholars from the future (probably), this UFO-shaped gizmo is a fun and interactive way to play with your pup. Simply load it with treats, give it to your pup, and watch him spin away! (NOTE: If this toy doesn't make a master maze-solver out of your pup, it'll at least make him an incredible DJ)
Trachea Chew: A delicious, 100% quality beef treat from Omaha, Nebraska for Barkbox pups! Butcher's Block selects its bones from prime beef grade cattle, slow roasts it for three days, and hand trims each delicious piece. These chews are muzzle-licking good.

Overall, this was an INCREDIBLE experience. It's been about 2/3 weeks since we got the box so I can honesty give you a review of what Loretta liked and didn't like. 
Plush Carrot Toy: LOVES IT! Loretta carries this thing around EVERYWHERE and LOVES to squeak it at 3am when her mom and dad are trying to sleep. I even found her using it as a pillow once! The only thing I can say about this, is that it didn't take Loretta long to rip through the stitching. She hasn't been able to destroy it like she does her other toys, but she still managed to find the stuffing.
Jerky Treats + Vitamin Duck Treats: nothing bad to say! Loretta loves both! (sidenote: she's not the least bit picky about anything so....)
Dog Treat Maze: this was what I was personally most excited for Loretta to get in her box however, it just isn't strong enough to stand up against our little monster. She has managed to rip most of the yellow rubber trim off of it and has teeth marks covering the entire thing. Not the best product I've found.
Trachea Treat: Woah. Loretta is OBSESSED. I broke it up into four pieces so she could have this treat more than once. She gets really defensive while eating it because she loves it so much. The only thing I will say os to read the label and listen wen they tell you not to let your dog eat it on your carpet. It is SUPER MESSY!

Wanna try BarkBox out and spoil your puppy a little bit? Use Loretta's code and get a free month!