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Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw

Remember when Carrie was in Paris with "her Russian" and they got in a fight and she ran away and somehow Big was there looking for her and found her and they fell back in love and lived happily ever after and....???? Okay, I'll slow down....

If you are a die-hard Sex In The City fan like I am, you can proceed and skip the following paragraph. If you ARE NOT, let me get you up to speed on the exact moment in Season 6 that I'm talking about. 

Welcome to Sex In The City with Sarah Jessica Parker playing the ever so stylish "Carrie Bradshaw." Carrie has been in love with "Mr. Big" for years but in Season 6, they separated and she found herself moving from New York to Paris with another man. While in Paris, Carrie quickly realizes that she has made a huge mistake. One night, her boyfriend, slaps her across the face during an argument. Carrie runs out of their swanky hotel room and finds herself staring at "Mr. Big". He had traveled from New York to Paris after finding out that Carrie had left. They laugh, they chat, they hug, they kiss, they fall back in love, they get back together, blah blah blah. What I'm really here to talk about is the outfit she had on during this episode. 
The queen of mix-n-match, Carrie wore a tulle ballerina dress , structured blazer, strappy/simple heels, and a fur hand-muff. Seriously, SO FAB RIGHT!? 

Well, we recently got a pale pink tulle skirt in at STRUT and I immediately had flashbacks to one of my all time favorite episodes. So, I did what any Sex In The City superfan would do...I tried my VERY BEST to create a similar look. 
I paired the pink tulle skirt (STRUT: $65) with a solid black bodysuit (STRUT: $32). This creates the same straight lines as the dress from Sex In The City. While Carrie wore a structured blazer to top her outfit, I paired the skirt and bodysuit with an army-green linen vest (STRUT: $59). I personally consider green a neutral and feel comfortable wearing it with anything. If you don't want to mix in another color, you could always find a similar black vest/jacket. 
Now, onto the accessories.... I stuck to the goal of making this outfit look as close to Carrie's as possible and grabbed a pair of black strappy heels (STRUT: $39) and a gold metallic clutch (STRUT: $72). Because Austin, TX is pretty hot these days, I strayed away from the fur hand-muff and added a simple 3-layered gold chain (STRUT: $21) to take this look from day-to-night. 

So fashion lovers, find yourself a tulle skirt and get out on the town. You never know, you might even find your very own "Mr. Big."