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Bedroom Tour

A house is not a home until you make it one. 
....and that's just what we've done. 

Welcome to the coziest room in our apartment: the bedroom. 
This is the room I'm currently most proud of and spend the most time in. Whether it's an afternoon spent blogging/working at the desk or a night spent watching Netflix and eating ice cream, our bedroom is where we can normally be found. 

Let's talk about the most important part of any bedroom...the bed! I've always wanted a super big bed full of pillows and layers of sheets and blankets. Originally, the plan was the get a duvet but eventually, I settled on a quilt. At the end of the day, all it really came down to was that it had to be WHITE. ALL WHITE. I found this quilt on sale at Tuesday Morning but this brand is primarily sold at Nordstrom. If you are looking to save money, I recommend finding something that comes as a set. The quilt and shams, in this case, were sold separately. As for the sheets, they are Grand Collection and also from Tuesday Morning. With such a simple quilt, I decided on a whim to bring a little excitement to the setup by adding the patterned sheets. Because they are a light tan though, they are far from overpowering. I then stacked a pair of Stratford Home accent pillows behind one single "gold-foil" pineapple pillow. It's classic, but also brings a bit of spunk to the bed. 

As for decorating the bed, I laid out a metal tray featuring a mason jar full of white flowers, journal from Peg and Awl, my FujiFilm Polaroid printer, and a Whiskey Boat Goods candle. 

LINKS TO BUY: (sheets: Grand Collection Yale; quilt: Levtex Home ; matching shams: Levtex Home ; brown accent pillows: Stratford Home Pillows ; pineapple gold pillow: MyPillowShoppe metal tray: Goodwill ; journal: Peg and Awl ; candle: Whiskey Boat Goods)
Behind our bed, hangs three vintage windows. This is EASILY my favorite part of our bedroom. Eddie found these on Offer Up (an app kind of like Craigslist). We ended up calling the couple selling them and going by and digging through a pile until we decided on these three. Looking back, I wish we hadn't purchased these. YES, they are incredible. BUT, I feel like we could have gotten a better deal or possibly even found some people who were simply throwing some away. Regardless though, I'm glad we gave these guys a new home. 

I wish I could tell you what kind of screws and wire and brackets were used to hang these on the wall but I truly do not have the slightest idea. I do remember it was quite the process to hang these in a secure manner. I mean these ARE hanging over our heads every single night...there was ZERO room for error. 

After they were on the wall, I realized they were a little too plain. After a trip to Goodwill, I added these DIY garland strands. Total, I think they maybe cost $5 to make. What a steal right!? I purchased one white linen tablecloth and one lace one. Then I cut them into different sized strips and tied them on some rope. SUPER QUICK+SUPER EASY. 

The stick wreath on the middle window was just as simple to create. I used the same rope I purchased for the garland and simply used it to tie together sticks I found in the dog park at our apartment complex; the dog got to play outside, I cleaned up for the apartment community, AND I got free craft supplies. WOOHOO! The flowers were purchased at The Dollar Tree for $1 and the ribbon came from the sale aisle at Hobby Lobby. This truly is something ANYONE can make. 

LINKS TO BUY: (similar garland: LucyBirdy)
If you are a frequent reader of D+G, then this desk will look familiar. A few months ago, Eddie and I picked up this gem of a desk for our bedroom. We were constantly checking vintage stores, Craigslist, and local apps hoping to find the perfect one. Eddie stumbled across this roll-top and it was honestly a deal we couldn't pass up. After enlisting a couple of strong friends (thanks Jared + Jamesy!), we got it home and I started the restoration process. For step-by-step pictures+instructions, click here.

The desk is simple, classic, and totally unique. It fits our style perfectly and I'm so glad we found it when we did. It's both a decorative piece AND a useful space to work. 
The top of the desk is full of some of our favorite/most treasured pieces. The typewriter is something that Eddie really wanted to showcase. It was originally his grandfather's and was then passed on to his mother, and now him. I love that it holds such a special place in Eddie's heart and I love that it's somewhere that we can appreciate it. Plus it doesn't hurt that it fits right in with our "vintage" style!

You can't use a desk without a chair, right?? We wanted something that didn't necessarily match the desk but still paired well with it. This chair came from a vintage store in North Austin. It's small, dainty, and folds up for convenience. I accented the chair with a cool "Whiskey & Waylon" canvas pillow and lace throw. 

LINKS TO BUY: (similar chair: PaperBoys Vintage ; pillow: LovedBird Creations ; similar typewriter: The Cracked Plate ; candle: Whiskey Boat Goods
The final two items in our bedroom add to the cozy/vintage feel. Let's start with the chair: aka FREE. No really. FREE. This chair was on it's way to the trash room but I stopped some lady in the hallway and told her we'd be happy to take it off her hands. It's a 1950's blue velvet arm chair and sits tucked in the corner of our room. It brings a slight pop of color while not traveling too far out of our neutral color scheme. After adding some simple pillows, we created this cozy little reading chair/nap spot for our puppy!

Now, the last/newest piece in our room: vintage shutter+polaroid display. When on vacation recently, we picked up this old shutter from a vintage store. Originally, I loved the piece but had NO IDEA how we would make it work. After some thinking, we purchased it knowing we'd figure something out. We decided to hang it up on the wall and place a little shelf underneath it to tie it together. I simply hot-glued clothespins on it and hung up some of our favorite polaroid pictures. Add a succulent and the look is complete.

So there you have it, the coziest, the cutest, the most used room in our apartment. 

Check it out in action. (featuring: @lorettathepointer)
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