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trends to watch: tech accessories

Technology is a piece of our everyday life.

Here's how I keep my technology on trend...

MARBLE MACBOOK SKIN -- Not even gonna lie...totally got this idea from the Kardashians. Say what you want, but that family knows a good trend when they see one. I spend a lot of time on my computer and I carry it with me EVERYWHERE. It's like a good purse, you always need it. Since I lug my Mac around all the time, it's only fitting that I dress it up and make it a fashion statement. I found this marble Macbook skin on Etsy and it's EASILY my favorite thing at the moment.

How to apply: Because this skin came with step-by-step instructions, I found the task of putting it on to be a breeze. All you need is a steady hand and a credit card! Two minutes later, you have a "designer" laptop.

It's so simple+easy, how could you say no?? Buy this skin HERE.

BAMBOO PHONE/WATCH CHARGING DOCK-- Amazon is a tech lovers best friend. Actually, now that I think about it, Amazon is EVERYONES best friend. This is one of my favorite purchases recently on Amazon. I was looking for something that would charge both my iPhone AND my Apple Watch but not seem incredibly bulky. This bamboo stand costs less than $8 and is INCREDIBLE quality. The stand is small and compact but sturdy enough to handle the weight of my iPhone 6s Plus. You simply tuck your cords in the stand and charge. PLUS, it'll look really cute on your nightside, right??

Purchase this stand plus see other styles HERE!

FLIP-CLOCK SCREENSAVER -- Chances are, if you follow enough people on Pinterest/Instagram, you've seen this tech background. It's called "flipclock" and it's WILDLY POPULAR among bloggers, photographers, and tech lovers. After seeing this trend for a long time, I decided to give it a try myself. It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to install, but I love it. For directions on how to install it yourself, click here.

Here's a little "flip-clock" inspo for ya....

AND check out my flip-clock screensaver in action, y'all!

A photo posted by Morgan Hill Sellers (@mhsellers) on

MARBLE IPHONE CASE -- as you can see, I'm totally into the marble trend right now. It's sleek and classic but also a fun twist to add to technology. This case is from Sellgoodhk on Etsy. Visit their shop HERE for many more designs. 

This case is PERFECT for anyone who has the iPhone 6s Plus like I have. It's really thin and doesn't bulk up your already massive phone. The case covers the entire back leaving only enough room for the camera. Unlike full coverage cases, the camera is exposed allowing for only the best photographs. 

SIDENOTE: I love that this case looks timeless against a white background but SUPER FUN in mirror selfies (#noshame).

-- I've made fun of my boyfriend for having a case just like this for over a year. Now...I get it. I understand why he loves them so much. They are SUPER CONVENIENT! There's room for your ID, debit/credit cards, PLUS a small hidden pocket for hidden cash. If you go out a lot at night or attend a lot of concerts, I HIGHLY suggest getting one. 
Story Leather creates their cases using only the best quality materials. This case is 100% Genuine Leather and is constructed with great craftsmanship. The case I received was hot pink (NOT my normal go-to), but after carrying it around and using it for two days, I LOVE IT. The color adds a pop of color to all my outfits and really stands out. AND, if you lose your phone a lot like I do, this is a bonus. It's MUCH easier to find a lost hot pink phone!
And as if I couldn't say enough great things about this brand, here's how this case was packaged and shipped to me. WOAH. SUPER NICE. WORTH EVERY PENNY.
Story Leather also allows you the option of customized/creating your own case with the leathers/colors of your choice. Get your phone case (in a variety of colors!) HERE.

What are your favorite tech accessories? Share them with me on Twitter or Instagram.
Pick up some of these tech accessories today and be a little more on trend!