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neutrals for thanksgiving

If there's one thing everyone needs in their closet for the holidays, it's neutrals. 

Some people look for sparkles, bright colors, and bold designs for the holiday season; I, however, am not one of those human beings. I prefer to wear neutral colors and earth tones on a daily basis. Having a closet full of muted colors is never an issue for me. 

I paired a taupe suede wrap skirt with a cream colored silk tank. Because they are in the same color pallet, they pair well together. Adding a pair of black lace-up heels gave the whole outfit a little edge which is typically something I aim for when getting dressed on the reg. 

As far as accessories go, I went the minimal route. I only added a pair of wide-framed sunnies to complete the look. If it were a bit colder outside, I would probably throw on a military-green jacket. It would add a bit more edge plus keep the outfit a little more casual. Perfect for a comfy, cozy, and casual Thanksgiving. 

Top: Nixon Asked Cash || Skirt: Nixon Asked Cash || Shoes: STRUT