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coordinates to my heart

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling."
I have been looking for the perfect coordinate necklace for years. No really...YEARS. 
Spoiler alert, I FOUND ONE. 

For the last two weeks, I have worn this necklace 24/7 and I have zero shame about it. 

35.9048° N / 84.1544° W
the exact location I met the man of my dreams. 
Yeah, that's right...I'm wearing the latitude and longitude coordinates to Cotton Eyed Joe around my shame. 

The quality of the necklace is swoon-worthy. I am very sensitive to different metal compositions but this necklace is super gentle and delicate around my neck. I am currently wearing the 18inch which is the most popular length. It's the perfect gift for the lady in your life this holiday season!

You can find this necklace, plus many more options, from Rose Water Designs on ETSY. 
Handmade in Michigan, grab one of these necklaces and support a small American business.