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Rock Your Socks Off

Your mom did it, so why can't you?

Visible socks are a huge fashion trend right now and I am over the moon. 

On the runway, designers paired socks with sandals and, oddly enough, pumps/stilettos. I'm brave when it comes to trying new fashion trends, but I'm not THAT BRAVE. Ha!

I like to throw on my super thick socks that I have in the back of my closet and tuck them in my favorite pair of suede booties. These socks are SUPER THICK y'all. They are the ones I've saved just in case Texas gets a blizzard (yeah right). So with that being said, I like to wear them with something a little more loose and breezy. 

Pictured below is an example of how I like to wear this trend. A simple summery sundress, layered sweater, chunky socks, and simple booties. 
.....but if you see me walking around Austin wearing socks and sandals, please don't judge. 

"You rock like socks and Birkenstocks."

dress: Nixon Asked Cash || sweater: Nixon Asked Cash || socks: STRUT || booties: Seyschelles