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Mixing Prints: Stripes + Plaid

My Monday morning started out like most Mondays do. Spilt my coffee, lost my MacBook charger, ruined my hair because Austin was crazy windy and I decided to walk to work.

Really, typical way to start my week right?

Even though Monday wasn't the best day of my life, it was in fact, a good outfit day. I've gotten way more comfortable when it comes to mixing patterns and it happened to be stripes + plaid. It's a bizarre combo that actually works. Trust me. I've gotten way more comfortable when it comes to mixing patterns and prints and this pairing is my current fave.

STRUT recently did a "storewide 50% off" and I reaped the benefits. I surprisingly only bought one thing: this stripped turtleneck crop-top. However, it instantly became a staple in my wardrobe.

Today, I paired it with a dark plum colored mini-skirt (also from STRUT) and a pair of tan snare Seychelles booties. It was a nice balance to the weather: HOT but WINDYYYYY.

And the gorgeous piece around my waist?
"Inhale Good Vibes....", "Inhale Good Vibes....", "Inhale Good Vibes...."
That's what I kept telling myself all morning. I needed the reminder and lucky for me, it was right on my flannel where I could see it.  It's one of the original pieces from Tribe Kelley and I purchased it as soon as it came out last year. At $100, it was definitely a splurge but after all the wear I've gotten out of it, I couldn't imagine not having.

Unfortunately this piece sold out a while back. BUT, you should check out their website for more incredible pieces. (It's all made in the U.S.A. too!)

I recently shared a post about my favorite clutch bag (seen here). I mentioned that I usually swap between two different ones. THIS is option number two.

A few weeks back I won an instagram giveaway from This Is Ground. They were giving away an tablet sleeve and I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner.

When I received the sleeve, I was a tad disappointed. It's SO SMALL that my iPad wouldn't fit. So I did what any fashionable lady would do...turned it into a day-to-day clutch. It's all leather and the perfect classic compliment to any outfit.

Links To Buy: 
Top: STRUT || Skirt: STRUT || Flannel: Tribe Kelley SOLD OUT || Bag: This Is Ground || Shoes: Seychelles