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Loretta's Story.

It's a running joke in our household that I love Loretta more than Eddie. I don't or course...I love Eddie K wayyyyy more....maybe....

Anyway, everyone loves Loretta. She is famous among anyone who knows Eddie and I. Everyone we know, always asks about Loretta before they ask anything else.

So, I decided to write a little blog and tell you the story of Loretta, formally known to her previous two owners as "Lucy."

Here's Loretta's story. 
December 29th, 2015 was the day we laid eyes on "Lucy". We had spent a few days prior to Christmas looking at puppies and thinking about adopting. We (Eddie) decided we should wait until after Christmas to start looking intently. Truthfully, he wasn't looking to get a dog. With his work schedule, he knew he wouldn't be all that much help to me (aka the girl who had never had her own dog and quite frankly wasn't really a "dog person" to begin with). Anyway, I thought I wanted/needed a dog very badly. I'd looked online for Yorkies for a solid month and I was ready to get one.

A few weeks before Christmas, we stopped to look at puppies at Austin Animal Center. There, they keep all the small dogs and puppies inside and the bigger dogs in outdoor kennels. I was ONLY interested in the small dogs....but not Eddie. He found a dog outside (after dragging me out there). It was friendly, medium sized, and spotted. I wasn't the least bit interested. We left empty-handed. 

Then December 29, 2015 happened. After being dragged to the outdoor kennels again, I saw "Lucy". She was friendly, medium sized, and covered in spots. I HAD TO HAVE HER. Yes, that's right, she was very similar to the first dog Eddie loved. It doesn't make any sense but I think it's what people refer to as "love at first sight."

We got her out and walked her on a leash and fell head over heels in love with her within about 10 minutes. She was 6 months old and roughly 25 pounds. She was hyper, loved to jump up on people, and sat (only for treats). Oh, and don't even get me started on the shedding. Good grief! Anyway, we decided we'd like to get some more information about her and possibly continue the adoption process. We got in line and waited. After about an hour, we were called up. It was then that we were informed that she had been in two different animals shelters and had two different families prior. We also were told that it was her fist day out to the public at Austin Animal Center. She had spent 10 days in "solitary confinement" because the previous owners said she was aggressive when they surrendered her. 

Basically the story goes like this..."Lucy" was a puppy who wanted to play with her toy that a little kid had. They said she tried to take the toy away from the kid and bite him. She didn't latch, just a bite. BUT, she chewed holes in the walls, used the bathroom anywhere and everywhere, and became aggressive when she was "being disciplined." 

......long story short, we adopted "Lucy" and welcomed her to our family even after knowing she had some potential issues. From the day we got her, "Lucy" was nothing like our sweet "Loretta." No accidents, no aggression, and only chewed up a door stop she thought was her rubber toy.

Morals of the story:Don't judge an animal based on their past and ALWAYS visit the "big dogs" in the outdoor kennels. 

Loretta is the greatest gift we've ever received. 

You can follow along with Loretta's life by searching her hashtag #LorettaThePointer or by following her instagram account: @lorettathepointer

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