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Oh Snap! I LOVE Pickles

 OH's pickle time in my house.

I recently partnered up with "Oh Snap!" and tested out all of their products currently in production. As a pickle lover, my opinion matters.

Here's The Products I Tested Out:
- Whole Kosher Pickles
    1. Gone Dilly Pickle: normal dill pickle
    2. Hottie Pickle: hot n spicy dill pickle
- Kosher Bites
    1. Gone Dilly Bites: normal dill pickle spheres
    2. Hottie Bites: hot n spicy dill pickle spheres
- Carrot Cuties: pickled carrot sticks
- Cool Beans: pickled green beans
My Thoughts:

Okay, here's the dirty details about the Oh Snap! products. As a lover of dill pickles, I assumed before even trying. I truly thought there was nothing that could top a classic dill pickle....I WAS WRONG. 

I'll go ahead and let y'all know that the carrot sticks and pickled green beans take the cake. Seriously, SO DAMN GOOD. Growing up I used to snack on veggies every single day. I like to call this my "grown up snack of choice."

They come in small individually packaged portions and are easy to grab and go in a rush!
Who knew snacking could be so fun!?

If you'd like to try some for yourself, shoot me an email at with your full name and address and I'll send some coupons your way!

Find more info about Oh Snap! here