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A Guide To Belize: Altun Ha

Before traveling to Belize, we created a list of things we had to accomplish while there. If you've read my "A Guide To Belize: Snorkeling Tour" post, you've heard about this before. 

We generated a list of places we had to see and things we had to do and one of the things on everyone's list: Mayan Ruin tour. I was in charge of booking all the tours/adventures we went on during our trip. I did lots of research, read lots of reviews, and compared lots of prices before eventually realizing none of the others came remotely close to matching what Tsunami Adventures could. 

We ended up booking a full-day tour in Belize City where half the day was dedicated to touring Altun Ha and the other half was set aside for a cave tubing adventure in the Jaguar Rain Forest which you can read out HERE. 

How We Got There:

Here's what out day looked like:
-8am water taxi from Caye Caulker to Belize City
-45 minutes later we arrived (LATE) and were greeted by our tour guide, Major Tom
- Major Tom made the decision of what we would eat. He stopped along the way to pick up tamales for us to eat. (NOT MY FAVORITE FYI)- 45 minute drive to our first stop: Altun Ha

We traveled in a decently clean/nice van with 3 rows of seating. Just like I talked about in previous posts, everyone drives like CRAZY PEOPLE. This was no different. Curvy, narrow, one lane roads at roughly 50mph were not my favorite thing about this adventure.

Altun Ha:
I truly can't explain to you what this place actually looks (and feels) like. It's bigger than you could imagine and it's so quiet and serene. From the moment you step out of the van, you will feel like you are on another planet. It's magical on so many levels. 

You'll get to the point in the tour where they allow you to climb (what feels like) a thousand stairs to get to the top. It's hot and it's early in the morning, but you MUST DO IT. The view is worth the hike alone. 

- If you're picky, pack a lunch. You don't get much of a say in what they pick up for you to munch on. For us, it was tamales. I'm not really a fan. I ate it but I had to. Note to self: bring snacks next time. 

- Wear sunscreen because you will spend most of your time in the sun during the tour. 

- Eat breakfast + drink water before going. I actually felt very weak/sick the entire time 

- And as always, bring your camera along and TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. They lock up the van every time you get out + during your cave tubing adventure. You'll regret not having it with you!

Going to Belize? Have more questions? I'm your girl.