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Our Coffee Bar: featuring NINJA

"It's more than a coffeemaker, it's a coffee system." 
I run on coffee (and dogs). No that's not some saying I saw on a t-shirt(well maybe I did), it's my real life. I cannot make it successfully through the day without a good cup of coffee. 

I recently partnered up with NINJA to try out their new coffee bar in our home and O.M.G. y'all, we are obsessed. Eddie K enjoys his coffee one way....BLACK. I enjoy my coffee one way, from Starbucks. Well, I USED to anyway until I started using our new coffee maker. It allows us to make one pot of coffee but have it two different way. 

Here's a typical morning with our Ninja Carafe System with pod-free single serve:
1. Make a full pot of black coffee using the "RICH" brew setting. Again, the stronger the better for Eddie K and since I like to add all the flavor creamers, it doesn't hurt on my end either. 
2. Pour Eddie's cup and he's out the door. 
3. For me, I like to enjoy a nice cup of SWEET coffee. I start out with a rich cup of black coffee, add in able a tablespoon of caramel creamer, and top with frothed milk and sprinkled cinnamon. 
4. It takes me about 30 more seconds to fix what I like to call "a gourmet coffee." 

Top Features:
1. Brew Types: 
- Classic Brew: smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee
- Rich Brew: A more intense flavor than classic to stand up to your milk
- Over Ice Brew: Richer concentrate designed to brew hot over ice
- Specialty: super-rich concentrate for coffeehouse-style drink
- Cafe Forte: full-bodied flavors best served black or with a touch of frothed milk

2. Brew Sizes: 
- Pod-free Single Serve
- XL Cup
- Travel
- Multi-serve
- Half pot
- Full pot

3. Built-in Frother:
How many people can say they have a frother in their home? WE CAN! That's right, the NINJA Coffee Bar System includes a built in frother that can be tucked in when not being used. It's simple to operate and works like a charm! It's one of my favorite things about having this system in our home. 

You can purchase this Ninja Coffee Bar System HERE

About out DIY Coffee Bar:
- Coffee Bar Table: This was a trash-room find at our apartment complex. No really, it was on the trash room and I saved it. It was basically brand new and still had the tags on the bottom of it. The previous owners purchased it from Home Goods and it was a dark charcoal color. I added a coat of watered-down white paint and didn't worry too much about it being perfect. It cost less than $5 and I love the overall distressed look. (similar version here)
- Lace Tassel: DIY project by yours truly. You can read more about this project HERE. 

- Coffee Mugs: 
2. "Freshly Brewed": Target

- Coffee Container: World Market + chalk tape + chalk marker
- Vintage Scale: Goodwill

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to ask!