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Dress Like A Picnic

Why go to a picnic when you can dress like one??

For real though, if I hear one more person say gingham looks like a tablecloth i'm going to scream. Maybe it does. So what! It's cute! Gingham print has always been one of my favorite things to wear for spring/summer. It was very popular among people in Tennessee and I'm happy to have a piece of "Tennessee style" with me here in Austin. 

I paired a blue "Vacancy Road" gingham shirt with a pair of minimally distressed denim shorts. While I've been known to put a little "prep" in step from time to time, I opted to avoid the typically southern white cigarette pant and went with a denim short instead. This keeps the shirt a bit more casual and hip which works well in Austin.

Over the top I wore a "Nixon Asked Cash" kimono that JUST ARRIVED to Strut this week. I love a colorful kimono for the warmer months in Texas. They give you a little bit of coverage but are light and flowy enough that you aren't sweating to death which eating brunch on the patios of downtown. Plus, aren't the colors in this one simply stunning! S W O O N. 

When it came to shoes, I kept it simple but on trend. I grabbed a pair of tan lace-up sandals and out the door I went. I recommend sandals instead of heels for Austin. I wear heels frequently but only to work which happens to be inside (even though I've been known to make the 1.5 mile hike to work in 3 inch heels before. Oh well!). If you are running around outside, go ahead and opt for sandals so your feet can breath! Plus, Austin has so much to offer you never know where you might end up!

Outfit Details:
Top: $39 (Vacancy Road)
Kimono: $45
Denim Shorts: $49 (order HERE)
Sandals: $36 (order HERE)
Sunnies: $12
All available now from STRUT on South Lamar in Austin, TX.