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Sweet Southern Roast feat Crock-Pot® WeMo™

You know you're an adult when all you want for your birthday is a crockpot. You know you're blessed when your boyfriend gets you one. 
This isn't a regular crockpot, it's a cool crockpot. I managed to adjust the temperature and cook time while set up an event for WBG across town. That's right, we have a new tech-based gadget at our house....the Crock-Pot® WeMo™.

How it works:
1. PREP: Prepare your ingredients then program your book settings. Choose your temperature setting and timer. 
2. MONITOR: Want to know how dinner is coming along? Check the status of your meal at any time to find out how much time is left, cooking temperature, or even turn it off.
3. MODIFY: Running late? Simply adjust the cooking time or temp to fit your schedule. Then enjoy your slow-cooked meal when you're ready.
4. NOTIFY: Let everyone at home know dinner is served, even if you're not there! Get notifications when cooking is complete or the unit turns off.

On-the-go access as you need it!

Now on to the important stuff....aka the most incredible (and EASY) roast recipe EVER. 

First and foremost, shoutout to Yonderway Farm for always supplying us with the best the best beef and pork that money can buy. Today's recipe features one of their Pork Shoulder Roasts, which Texas peeps can order HERE. The packages are roughly 3lbs and are priced at $9.50 per lb. You truly cannot beat that for high quality meats!

Besides the roast (which non-Texas residents can find at their favorite grocery stores/local butcher shops) you will need THREE organic carrots, FOUR small red potatoes, ONE small yellow onion, TWO cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, organic beef broth, and a pinch of dried oregano

It's as easy as placing your thawed out roast in the crockpot with cut up carrots, onion and potatoes, diced garlic, one cup of beef broth, half cup of water, two tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of pepper, and a pinch of oregano. Drizzle a few tablespoons of worcestershire sauce over the top and place the lid on your crockpot. 

I cooked our roast for 2.5 hours on high and then via the Crock-Pot® WeMo™ app, I adjusted the temp to low and cooked the roast for another 3 hours. Because I was able to adjust the time I wanted our meal to be finished, he Crock-Pot® WeMo™ automatically turned itself to "warm" so that our food was perfectly cooked and at a satisfying temp when we arrived home for dinner!

I'm not gonna lie, I might be a bit biased but this probably my top 3 favorite recipes I've ever cooked. And the fact that I made it up entirely on my own made it THAT much better.

Because we shop at Whole Foods PLUS buy our pork roasts from local farms, this recipe probably cost us around $40. If you are on a tight budget, costs could definitely be cut by buying non-organic veggies and purchasing your pork roasts from someone other than local farmers. 

Now enjoy the pictures below. Sorry in advance if you are hungry. These will not help.