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Our New Candle Workshop feat IKEA

When we first started the home search we knew we needed something large enough that would accommodate our growing candle business which includes a mountain of materials and back-stock. 

When we stumbled upon our Beechnut Bungalow we instantly saw one of the guest bedrooms and knew it would be our candle production room.

The shape of the room is a bit odd; the ceiling is several different heights, the room is far from square, and the closet isn't exactly large enough to use. With all this being said it was pretty clear this space was much more suited as an office/candle workshop than a guest room.

Here's a few shots of what the room looked like before we moved in!


Not gonna lie, the first week or so in the new house, this room looked like a war zone. Besides the roll-top desk I fixed up (as seen HERE), we had ZERO furniture to put in this room. It was just a bunch of candles, shipping supplies, and work materials. This was definitely the last room we unpacked/organized so it was extremely overwhelming the first few days to even open the door to this room. I maybe even opened the door a few times and just threw stuff in there without looking. That's how bad it was.

The first thing we did in the room was set-up the desk area and unpack all the essentials that we would need to continue shipping goods from our house. This included the typewriter, printer, computers, pens, shipping labels, etc.

Next stop was all the candle stuff. We knew we needed to organize the space in a way that made the production time and process as easy as possible. During one of our random trips to The Home Depot during the first week of being homeowners, we stumbled upon the pegboard section and realized it would be the perfect solution to our organization issues.

We purchased a 4' X 8' piece of pegboard (which comes painted white!! Yay, one less step!) and a set of Everbilt Pegboard Organizers and were well on our way to creating the organized space we dreamed of.

While we were happy with our purchases, we knew we needed to find some sort of containers to hang on the wall to store some of our smaller items in so we headed up north to the closest IKEA store and found exactly what we needed.

Truthfully, they weren't made for pegboards but it turned out working perfectly. We purchased two SUNNERSTA Rails, six of the smaller SUNNERSTA containers and two of the larger sized containers (currently only available in select stores) for a grand total of $22.40. I also might add that the total included a stuffed rat toy for Loretta cause duh, she deserved it.


Peg Board: The Home Depot
Hook Set: The Home Depot
Railing: IKEA
Containers: IKEA