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A few weeks ago Eddie K and I were invited to showcase our growing business at the WeWork Creators Awards. Whiskey Boat Goods was one of the few lucky vendors who were given booth space in the Creator Market at the ACL Moody Theatre. 

While we were there, we were given the cutest little shirts that were made by Fine Southern Gentlemen specifically for the event. I immediately styled it for a fun work outfit the very next day. 

I purchased these ruffled red shorts from STRUT a few months ago when they had a secret sale. The secret sale stated that everything on their 50% off clearance rack was $15. I wasn't quite sure how much I would wear them but once they were on sale, I couldn't resist. 

They are a tad bit high waisted which makes these very versatile. I'm 5'10" and have quite the collection of leggy outfits because, well, I'm mostly legs. These shorts are definitely on the shorter side but for someone like me, it works!

The pair I linked below are similar to the ones I have on and are currently only $7.99!

TIP: Be careful wearing too much fabric on the bottom if you are pear shaped or petite. You wouldn't want these ruffles hitting you in all the wrong places!

When wearing dramatic/bottom-heavy shorts, opt for heels. This continues the long lines created by the shorter hemline. I paired a neutral lace-up heel that allows for a clean head-to-toe look. Added height never hurts and in the case of ruffled shorts, it only helps!

This clutch is a new arrival at STRUT and it literally takes all of the current trends and puts them into one. Embroidery is HUGE. (um, hello Gucci!) and bright colors will always be on trend for spring/summer. This clutch is lightweight but spacious enough to hold all the important goodies every lady needs to carry in a bag. 

Now, let's talk about this tee from Fine Southern Gentlemen. "BE BRAVE. OPEN MINDS." Seriously, what's a better motto to live by? I'll wait......yeah, there's not one. As a creator and business owner, I want nothing more than to be brave when making decisions and open minds to the goods we've created. Wearing this shirt is a reminder that I kinda do actually have my life together on some levels. YAY! GO ME!

"NATIONAL BULL OF TEXAS" SHIRT (same brand as mine)