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When Life Gives You Lemons....

...decorate your dining table with them!
What says summer more than bright yellow lemons all over your kitchen and dining room? NOTHING. If you follow along with some of the biggest farmhouse accounts on instagram, blogs, etc. you've probably already seen this trend popping up for months. 

I was recently inspired by one of my favorite ladies on insatgram, Liz Marie, and her gorgeous lemon-inspired table setting. (View her table setting HERE.) I loved the way the bright colored fruits added a pop to her neutral kitchen atmosphere. 

We too have a pretty neutral colored kitchen/dining area. We have dark wood cabinets and tan ceramic tile on the floors. In addition to the cream/brown color palette, we also have our newly finished farmhouse dining table and chairs in a matte white. If you missed my blog post showcasing the DIY makeover to these items, it's linked HERE as a refresher. 

Because our table and chairs have more of a rustic and distressed vibe, I wanted to carry that over into our table settings also. Up until this point, the table was left bare except the vintage silver tea set from Eddie's grandmother. (Don't worry, I relocated it to a place where it gets WAY more attention!) 

The first item I found for our summery table decor was the cute little "farmers market" crate from the ever-so-wonderful Target dollar section. Let it be noted though that it was actually $3. Remember when the dollar section included items that were ONLY $1. *insert eye-roll here* It's a medium brown wood color and has "The Farmers Market" stamped in the corners on both sides. 

Inside the crate I added one bundle of lemons and greenery that I picked up from our local Michaels store in Austin. Retailing for $7.99 per bundle, these are some of the more expensive options I've seen but they truly do look more realistic in nature. I also tucked in a few railroad spikes we found behind our new house to add a little rustic and tough element to the overall cheerful look. 

The galvinzed and wire planter on top of the crate was a new addition. Also from Michaels, this item was a total afterthought and not planned in any way shape or form....what can I say, the clearance aisle always wins. At 70% off, I ended up only paying $6 for this little gem. 

The place settings were much more simple to accomplish. All it took was a classic farmhouse dish towel from our drawer, a small white plate from the cabinet, our copper mug collection from Sertodo Copper in Austin, decorative black+white straws, two loose lemons, and little hand-stamped pieces of leather that read "HOME".

Everything except the lemons were items we already owned and used regularly. We have quite the collection of copper mugs and copper water cups so it was only fair they get a special place on our dining table. Add in a quick like black + white stripped straw and you're suddenly transported straight back to those lemonade stands you set up in your neighborhood as a kid. 

The towels are an Amazon special that we've taken advantage of many times. We use these towels in the kitchen for cooking and doing dishes, in our candle room for wiping up wax and oil spills, and now on our dining room table for decoration. And for only $18 per dozen, who can beat the price?

The leather pieces were something I "accidentally" made when working on an anniversary gift for Eddie K. They are scrap piece of leather I had from a previous project and happened to work perfectly on our table. When stamped with HOME, something special just exudes from them. What a lovely little piece to add to the plates. 

Here's a few more photos of our "summery" dining table as well as a few from around our kitchen. What can I say, lemons are my thing these days....
Now grab yourself a glass of lemonade and tackle this week, y'all!