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Happy Birthday America!

You're lookin' mighty fine for 241 years old. 
Happy Fourth of July from our little Beechnut Bungalow. This time last year, Eddie K and I celebrated by eating brunch at our favorite Austin spot, Snooze, and spent the rest of the afternoon making candles. (Sidenote: We weren't making candles for our business because quite frankly it didn't exist yet. We were only making them for ourselves. Woah, times really have changed!) The following day Eddie K flew to Nashville for a few days so we really used July 4, 2016 as a day to spend time together before going our separate ways for nearly a week. 

This Fourth of July was NOTHING short of the opposite. Today Eddie K worked Willie Nelson's picnic while I put in a double shift at STRUT. We've spent nearly 30 hours apart over the past two days but this time, we actually happen to be in the same city. It feels like we've only seen each other in passing. I guess that's part of being an adult, huh?

BUT...somewhere around 11pm last night we managed to get our flag pole up just in time to celebrate the birthday of America. We swapped out the cheap MADE IN CHINA flag (WTF!?) from Walmart and added a vintage flag we picked up that was MADE IN THE USA. I love how the oversized flag brings a little something extra to our front porch. Come July 5th, you'll still find this flag right where it is tonight. 

From our home to yours...
God Bless You. God Bless The United States of America.