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Lucky Lab Coffee Co: Summer Menu

Sunday's mean one thing in our house....Jesus, NASCAR, brunch. 

This Sunday we added another item to the list of necessities....COFFEE. Lucky Lab Coffee Co. to be exact. After trying out their new summer menu, we are convinced we need to make stopping in for drinks a part of our weekend ritual. 

Located in the Space Twenty Four lot behind Urban Outfitters, Lucky Lab Coffee Co has built a community of frequent visitors. Because it's so close to campus, they have become a favorite among students during those busy mornings where you just need a little caffeine boost. 

The lot is full of picnic tables, large umbrellas that provide ample shade, and rustic touches that play up the overall vibe of the Lucky Lab trailer. Of course if you look even closer, you'll see all the dog treats, water bowls, and areas for our furry friends to hang out. With a name like Lucky Lab, you know they are always going to be pup-friendly!

The summer menu features several types of beverages and provides an endless opportunity to try out new items you probably haven't in the past. 

Rosemary Sweetcream: There's only one word to describe this drink....comforting. Seriously. This blend of cream and rosemary is enough to transport you right back to cooler weather. All I want is to drink 50 of these (amazing both hot & cold) and wrap up in a sweatshirt on the couch. 
(TIP: ask for a dollop on top of your cold brew for a refreshing addition!)

Iced Honey Chai: Sweet, but not TOO sweet. Almost like a watered down latte but better. 

Thai Tea: Before this tasting, Eddie K and I had never tried Thai tea. It's truly something that can't be replicated. Very milky and has a bit of a chocolate hint. 

Thai Tea + Cold Brew: You DEF pick up on the chocolate notes when pairing the Thai Tea with the cold brew. Eddie K loved this one while I preferred the regular Thai Tea. 

Cold Brew: I have to be honest, I prefer flavored coffees and lattes and mochas. I've never seen the interest in drinking black coffee...until lately. Blame my getting older, but I'm slowly learning that some of the best coffee is just This cold brew is DELICIOUS! No cream or sugar needed!

Strawberry Basil Lemondade: PERFECT summer drink for those of you who aren't big coffee drinkers. Texas gets hot, y'all! This lemonade is sure to cool you off! It's a bit on the sour side but the touch of basil really adds a kick of flavor that balances it out nicely. 

Pictured (L-R): Left corner: Thai Tea, Thai Tea + Cold Brew, Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Rosemary Sweetcream, Iced Honey Chai
pictured (L to R): Thai Tea, Thai Tea + Cold Brew
My pick? No question....hands down...only one favorite....the "Rosemary Sweetcream." I tried it hot and loved it. I tried it cold and loved it. To me, it was "Thanksgiving in a Glass." The rosemary is strong but the overall lightness of the base makes this creamy goodness the star on the summer menu.

Eddie K's pick? The cold brew. What can I say, he's a creature of habit and cold brew is his go-to during the summer months. He did however agree that the "Rosemary Sweetcream" was delicious and he was also really drawn to the "Strawberry Basil Lemonade" and even said it was "perfect for hot days in Texas."

Now, let's talk about their homemade poptarts. Y'all, ZERO WORDS EXIST TO EXPLAIN HOW GOOD THESE ARE. Because we couldn't make a decision on which flavor we ended up grabbing one of each: Nutella and cinnamon sugar. Both are sweet enough to cure that craving but light enough to enjoy with coffee for a quick, on-the-go breakfast!

While I highly suggest the pop-tarts, they do offer a range of other options including muffins, cookies, and even freshly mad breakfast tacos. 

Lucky Lab Coffee Co is expanding! They will be opening up their first brick and mortar store this summer right next door to where they are currently located. They will be expanding their menu to feature beer and wine on tap, small plates, and pasta salads. 

Also expect to see a renovated outdoor area with new umbrellas and seating!

Here's a few more photos from our trip to Lucky Lab Coffee Co. 
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Life is better with coffee & dogs.
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