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All Set For Summer with Forthright's Fresh Menu

Yesterday was one of the busiest days Eddie K and I have had in awhile. We started our mornings separately, Eddie at the office and me back home gearing up for a WBG event at ACL Live Moody Theatre. My job was to pack the car with everything we would need and be ready to go by noon. 

After our 1pm load-in/set-up, we realized we didn't have enough time to drive home, eat dinner, and make it back in time for market opening at 3:30pm. This meant two things: I didn't have time to cook dinner and we would have to eat something downtown. 

Downtown Austin freaks me out....plain and simple. We don't spend much time in the area so I really don't know my way around or know anything that's near by. I quickly pulled up my new "Allset" app and looked at our options. 

Let me back up a little first, and tell you about the app behind our eating experience. Allset sets out to make dining at restaurants more accessible for busy people. You can locate a restaurant that uses the app and order your meals before arriving at the restaurant. This ensures that your food will arrive at your table minutes after you sit down. You will be able to enjoy the meal you ordered, eat at your own pace, and simply get up and leave when you are finished because you've already securely paid (PLUS TIP) through the app before arriving. 

Because the app is relatively new, the amount of restaurants in Austin who have hopped on the bandwagon are slim. There's about 10 restaurants you can choose from between the hours of 10am-5pm. We weren't looking to eat Indian food so that left us with one option downtown....Forthright Cafe. 

Forthright has been on my radar for a few weeks now after seeing someone post on Instagram about their mushroom toast. I never really looked into it but when I saw it was an option on the app (plus it was only a 3 minute walk from ACL), I knew it would be the perfect spot to stop. 

Here's what we ordered:
Pick Two: $10.5
-Half Grilled Portobello Pesto Sandwich: locally sourced portobello mushroom, house made pesto, bell pepper arugula, harvest bread.
-Kale Caesar Salad: kale, house made Caesar dressing, Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, croutons, pepitas 
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade: $3

"I really enjoyed eating here. When trying out new restaurants, I always look for fresh ingredients. There's something about yummy veggies that just ropes me in. The pesto on the sandwich had to be my favorite part. HOWEVER, it was super hot in Austin so the fresh squeezed lemonade was a close second.

-Turkey BLT Sandwich: house roasted turkey breast, bacon jam, tomato, mustard aioli, herbed greens, sourdough + fries $12.25
-Peach iced tea: $2.5

"The BLT was amazing an I would definitely eat at Forthright again. Everything on the sandwich was fresh and the mustard aioli really brought something special to the meal. The tea was exactly how I'd like it to be: flavored but not too sweet." 
-Not waiting on a bill (tips included)
-Table available upon arrival
-Food arrives shortly after sitting down

-New system for restaurants
-Not sure what they are doing
-Late getting food
-App is NOT user friendly (ended up getting charge twice)

Are you from the San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Austin, or Seattle areas and want to try out Allset RISK FREE!? That's right, I'm giving you $100 in Allset credits to spend at restaurants ($10 off first ten meals.). Follow THIS LINK and use my code CBUD44 before July 2nd to get started!