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Falling Into Old Habits of Fall....

It's that time of year when all I start worrying about is fall. I want the sweaters, the pumpkin coffees, the blanket scarves, the bonfires, and the cozy nights outside. September 1st is right around the corner so naturally, I'm "falling" into my Tennessee traditions. Only one problem, I live in Texas now and Texas is 120° ALL YEAR ROUND. JK, that's a tad dramatic....a tad. It truly doesn't feel like the kind of fall I'm used to until mid-November so I've learned to dress like a mixture of Tennessee + Texas. 


This look is one I pulled from both my closet, and from STRUT for a photoshoot. (Shoutout to Laura for the pictures. Isn't she the bomb!?) Separately the pieces fit comfortably in either the summer or fall category. HOWEVER, when paired together they create a look that's perfect for both!

The skirt came as part of a matching set. (SIDENOTE: not actually a skirt. It's a skirt with shorts under it! EVEN BETTER!) It included an off-the-shoulder top in the same print but head to toe florals says one thing to me: SUMMER. So I ditched the matchy top and threw on this simple grey crop. Think "wife-beater" but grey and tummy-baring! 

I draped a black sweater over the crop top for a little extra coverage/weight. This is the one item that instantly takes this outfit from summer to fall! As a self-proclaimed jacket person, I truly think the number one piece of clothing you need in your closet for fall/winter is a simple black cardigan that can be worn 9749864927492 different ways! I've linked a similar style below that retails for less than $20! Check it out!

For the accessories and shoes I kept things simple. Birkenstocks that are literally falling apart because I wear them so much, a gold clutch, my favorite gold railroad tie bracelet from Giles & Brother, a braided string bracelet from a trip to Belize, and my Margo earrings from Lisi Lerch. While the earrings are a bit of a splurge at $78, I look at that as an investment. They transform even the most simple of outfits into something adorable. Birkenstocks pretty much died after this shoot. The soles are centimeters from being completely unglued. NO!!!! RIP!!!! These are my favorite shoes EVER. Will take donations for another pair....kidding....kinda. 


Photography: Inspire Boudoir Austin