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Farmhouse Coffee Bar

We moved into our Beechnut Bungalow a little over three months ago and I am just now getting around to completing a task I had intensions of doing the first few days after we moved. That's right y'all, we FINALLY have a coffee bar! 

We are a coffee drinking family. I love coffee, Eddie loves coffee, even Loretta loves coffee. Hold on, before you yell at me let me notate that we DO NOT, in fact, give our dog coffee. HOWEVER, she sure does try. HA!

A few months back I received a NINJA Coffee Bar as part of a collaboration/sponsorship. (See original post HERE.) This coffee system has change my life. Dramatic? Yes. Somewhat realistic? Yes. Seriously y'all this coffee system is the bomb. It's easy to use, full of special features, and perfect for those of us who like fancy coffees but can't afford Starbucks every single day. 

Anyway, this coffee system has made me want a fully-stocked and usable coffee bar for nearly a year now. Living in an apartment, the space was limited. I kept putting it off until we moved. Well, we moved and I realized I still hadn't fulfilled my want. So, when someone in our neighborhood decided they were going to throw away a pair side tables, I gladly took them off her hands. After slapping on a coat of white matte paint and topping with a few planks of old barn wood, I had the perfect little place to create a coffee bar!

Keep scrolling to see a complete look at this BEFORE and AFTER

If you are new to D+G, you are about to be introduced to my number one obsession when it comes to kitchen/dining decor in our little farmhouse-style home: RAE DUNN. All of the clay pottery/plates/mugs/bowls/etc that you see in this post are from her collection with Magenta. It's sold at your local TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls stores...but run, don't walk. These items are hot and are usually scooped up by resellers. (Think Beanie Babies 2017). For more about my personal Rae Dunn collection and for FAQ, visit my previous post HERE.)

For those of you who are ready for fall (RAISING BOTH HANDS OVER HERE!!), there's nothing quite like this handmade sign from my friends at Thread and Wood on ETSY to get you into the mood. From the first second I received this happy mail until now, my heart is full of everything pumpkin, cozy sweaters, and falling leaves. Shop this fall staple below....

Shop Our Coffee Bar

And as promised, here's a complete look at our little BEFORE and AFTER of this farmhouse coffee bar. Follow along using #BeechnutBungalow on Instagram for more updates on our home!